Necessary Neck Care

Neck remains one of the exposed parts of our body but often neglected. Like every other body part, it needs to be looked after.

While we worry about our faces being glowing enough, we more often than not, fail to consider the fact that our neck, in reality is an extension of our face.

A well looked after neck is graceful to look at and adds more beauty to your persona. So, how do we take care of it? It is easy.

Dirt accumulates on our body and especially on parts which remain uncovered and neck is one of them. This factor alone, necessities the need for the neck to be washed as diligently as you wash the rest of your body. Every time you clean your face, do not forget to clean the neck too. This cleaning is also extended when you remove your make up.

Before you fall sleep, make sure to apply moisturizer on the entirety of your neck in soft upward strokes.

When you step outside, do not forget to apply sunscreen on the neck portion as well.

Neck also needs exfoliation but do be careful while you scrub it. The skin on the neck is highly sensitive and gentle scrubbing is what it needs.

There are a number of neck exercises that prevent the neck from sagging. Devote 10-15 minutes each day on them. The neck muscles get tightened and results in a better looking neck.

For those who are unhappy about their dark neck skin, there are a number of home remedies offering solution. You can make a paste of borax powder, glycerin and rose water and apply it all over the neck region and wash it off later. Regular application will lead to softer and whiter looking neck skin.

Since, the health of the skin on neck is also proportional to how healthy a system you have it inevitably requires one to maintain a balanced lifestyle with proper diet. Drink a lot of water, get adequate hours of sleep and do not over-stress.

Maintain a clean and healthy lifestyle over all for a better functioning body, clear skin and a peaceful mind.