Natural Ways to Treat Acne

Acne is a skin condition which not only affects teenagers but adults as well.
One of the major skin problems affecting the masses today is acne.

So what exactly is acne? Acne is basically a type of skin eruption which is characterized by formation of angry red pimples.

Hormonal changes, rich and greasy diet, improper skin hygiene can all result in acne. Acne eruptions are not limited to the face; they are found even on the chest, neck, back and shoulder regions.Proper skin care regimen, reducing sun exposure and a healthy diet can help to curb this skin condition.

There are several ingredients commonly available in the kitchen, which you can use to treat acne. These ingredients have no side effects and can combat acne problems effectively.

Apple Cider Vinegar

An economical and easy way to treat the problem of acne is to use apple cider vinegar or even plain vinegar. Over the years people who have used this simple product can swear by its healing properties and how it can naturally cure acne.

The basic principle, on which this ingredient works, is by restoring the skins natural PH balance, killing the bacteria which causes acne and soaking up the extra sebum produced by the skin.

Lime or Lemon Juice

Lime or lemon juice is a rich source of citric acid. These astringent juices acts as good exfoliates, limits new acne eruptions and helps acne scars to fade out quickly.

Egg Whites

The protein rich egg whites act as natural oil absorbents removing the excess oil produced by the skin. Egg whites should be beaten well before applying to the acne prone areas. Allow the whites to sit on the affected areas for about fifteen to twenty minutes before rinsing it off with cold water.


A wonderful and easily available ingredient which is used to treat acne is fresh fenugreek leaves. The fenugreek leaves are ground to form a smooth paste.

This paste is applied directly on the acne affected areas – preferably at night. In the morning this paste is washed off with lukewarm water. Repeat this procedure every night and see the amazing results in a couple of week’s time.


Cucumber has excellent cooling properties. Cucumber pulp which is placed directly on acne boils for periods of fifteen to twenty minutes on a regular basis reduces acne eruptions.