Natural Ways To Avoid Pregnancy

Natural Ways To Avoid Pregnancy

Natural Ways To Avoid Pregnancy Pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful phases in the lifetime of a woman. However, every time a pregnancy occurs the couple or the expectant mother may not be in a position to take the pregnancy. If a pregnancy happens during such situations then there remains no option other than an abortion which is very painful both mentally and physically.

Nobody wants to go through the agonies of an abortion or an unwanted pregnancy when there remains many effective ways to avoid pregnancy. There can be a number of reasons why a pregnancy may become unwanted; age of the mother, unwed mother, financial condition of the couple, mental non-preparation, a recent pregnancy, unwilling to take responsibility of a baby and so on.

Why Avoid Pregnancy Through Natural Ways ?

Pregnancy can be avoided through various ways which include both natural and artificial means. Artificial means include medicines, condoms, birth control pills and contraceptives. However, such artificial means may be very effective but many times side effects may occur. Condoms sometimes may not be appreciated by the couple as you may not be able to enjoy sex properly.

Natural ways of avoiding pregnancy are very effective which create no side effects. To avoid pregnancy naturally the couple just has to be aware about the menstrual cycle and the safe period when they can have sex and the risky period when intercourse should be avoided. Unnatural ways of avoiding pregnancy may sometimes interfere with becoming pregnant when you really want to. You can’t use birth control pills without the proper guidance and prescription of an expert doctor.

The disadvantage of avoiding pregnancy naturally is that women who have irregular periods may remain in confusion regarding the exact safe and unsafe days to practice sex. You may also find it stressful for not able to indulge in sex for a consecutive number of days when it is the unsafe period.

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Natural Method of Avoiding pregnancy

Avoiding pregnancy naturally is very easy. You just have to keep a note of your menstrual cycle which means a proper simple calculation and nothing more. You have to be aware of your monthly cycle and ovulation period which is quite easy to follow unless you have a very irregular cycle.

Over a period of a couple of months if you keep note of the number of days between the day your period begins and the day before your next period begins then your will find the length of your monthly cycle! After you determine the monthly cycle it will be quite easy for you to determine the ovulation period which is most unsafe to practice sex as you remain most vulnerable to get pregnant during this phase.

Now there are a number of easy methods to determine this ovulation period. You just need to keep a track of your monthly cycle which may vary from 28 days to 32days. You need to subtract 18 from your shortest cycle and 11 from the longest cycle. The two numbers that you get will give you an approximate period of your ovulation cycle.

If the numbers are 12 and 23 then your ovulation period is from the 12th day after your period begins till the 23rd day during which you must abstain from sex to avoid a pregnancy. You can also correlate the ovulation period by checking if your breasts are tender, by finding your basal body temperature and by keeping a track if your cervical mucous has become thinner and watery. These are the most unsafe periods to practice sex and to avoid pregnancy you must abstain from sex during the ovulation period.