Natural Ways to Avoid Bad Breath

Bad breath is one sure way of making people avoid you like plague. It’s not just a sign of uncleanliness but also lack of hygiene and health.

But most of the times, it’s not something you can stop or avoid. But it can definitely be kept on check by following proper hygiene to make sure your breath don’t smell. There are a few natural remedies that can help you deal with this.

One of the easiest and the oldest method to deal with this is to chew mint gum or mint. This instantly masks your bad breath, replacing with a cool and fresh one!

One of the most effective ways to completely rid bad breath is to consume fenugreek. You can either consume them directly or prepare a tea with fenugreek essence and consume it everyday. This helps greatly to curb the problem of bad breath.

One of the biggest reasons for bad breath is the intestinal decomposition. This can be easily treated using avocado that effectively cleans your intestine, keeping your breath clean. This is a one of the most powerful remedies which can’t be achieved by simple mouth washes.

Parsley is another great way to deal with bad breath. Cut parsley into small bits and boil it with water to release its essence into the water. Now add some clove into it and drink it a couple of times a day.

If you are relying on mouth washes, always go for mouth washes that contain zinc in them. They act as natural cleansers that neutralize sulfur present in the mouth making your breath fresh again.

Citrus fruits also work magic on bad breath due to the presence of citrus acid present in them. The acid deactivates several bacteria present in mouth, which further prevents fro your breath smelling.

Tea tree oil is another natural remedy for bad breath. All you need to do is add a drop of this to your toothpaste before brushing your teeth. You can also use tea tree oil in the form of mouth wash. Add a few drops of this to water and mix it well to form an emulsion. This acts as an excellent mouth wash that you can use everyday after brushing your teeth.