Natural Tips for a Gorgeous Head of Hair

Every woman loves to have long curly or straight locks. For this reason it is important to care for your hair and pamper it.

While there are several products that are freely available in the market one can still find traces of chemicals in them and thus it is important to reduce the use of these products and use natural remedies on your hair.

Using natural products are known to strengthen the hair at a lower cost. From my personal experiences using natural products and home remedies is more effective than spending huge amounts of money on expensive treatments.

While it is important to treat your hair with care it is also important to reduce the number of hair care treatments that use chemicals. Hair straightening, perms and even color jobs on your hair increases the amount of chemicals on your hair and increase the risk of damaging your hair.

For this reason it is important for you to avoid unnecessary treatments on your hair.

In order to care for your hair you must massage your scalp regularly with hot oil. Olive oil and coconut oil are known to condition the hair well while also improving the natural texture of your hair.

Calcium and protein are important for your hair so you must include foods that are rich in these substances in your diet. Eat eggs and drink milk to get our daily fix of protein and calcium. Alternatively you can also get them in the form of supplements.

Use hair masks on your hair to condition it and nourish the scalp. I swear by using eggs and butter along with yogurt on my hair. As a mater of fact I use it once a week so that my hair gets a regular dose of protein and calcium.

Use the mask on your hair for an hour and then wash it with regular shampoo. You don’t need to use conditioner in this case.

When you are washing your hair remember to use shampoo along the entire length of your hair and focus on the scalp. This will help to get rid of the dirt and excess oil that gets into your hair.

Don’t use hot water on your hair; warm water is best as it also stimulates circulation. Use a wash out conditioner and rinse it with cold water. After a bath always apply a leave in conditioner on your hair to keep it soft and silky.