Natural Sun Bleaching Tips For Hairs

Natural Sun Bleaching Tips For Hairs

Natural Sun Bleaching Tips For Hairs For adding dimension and extra tone to hair locks, many women highlight their hairs. Since highlighting hairs is a typical process, they have to go for beauty salons and spend hundreds of dollars on highlighting.

Women that are not able to afford such expenses buy an over-the-counter permanent hair color or dye and apply to hair locks, which mostly do not prove desired results. Rather than applying hair dye or color, a woman should go for sun bleaching.

It should be understood that sun is one of most natural forms of hair bleaches. Using edible products and sun bleaching for lightening hairs is considered as totally safe.  Time period required for lightening of locks depend upon the texture and color of hairs. Many women provide a sun-kissed glow to their dull hairs successfully by following certain tips. These tips help in avoiding harsh over-the-counter bleaching products.

Natural Sun Bleaching Tips for Hairs

For lightening hairs through sun bleaching, a woman needs lemon juice, water, chamomile tea, blow dryer and a spray bottle. It is to be understood that natural sun bleaching is done only on cleaned and dried hairs. Thus, if a woman has oily or greasy hairs, she must shampoo them.

Hairs are then blow dried for application. Though chamomile tea and lemon juice both are used in sun bleaching process, a woman should select one carefully. Lemon juice is more acidic than chamomile tea and thus, lifts hairs quickly. Due to its fast working, it is considered as good for women with light hairs. For example, women having ash blonde or sandy hairs can use lemon juice.

On the other hand, chamomile tea is less acidic and creates a caramel color on hairs. Thus, women with red or brunette hairs should go for this for avoiding brassy results. For application, two parts of lemon juice are mixed to one part of water in a spray bottle. If chamomile tea is to be used for application, large mug of tea is poured into the spray bottle.

By sitting under sun, hairs are combed or brushed and these are let to fall and part naturally. Either of mixtures, as desired, is they sprayed on hairs with the help of spray bottle. For spraying, bottle must be held six inches away from the head. Hairs are then left under sun for one hour and then washed. If a woman is using sun bleaching process for the first time, she must keep an eye on hairs so that excessive hair color is not lifted.

Many women also use pure sunshine for lightening hairs by sitting under sunshine with their hairs down. In this way, hairs are let to absorb sun rays. After few hours, hairs may start lightening. In some cases, it may require several days of sitting for getting noticeable difference.

Swimming can also help in lightening hairs. In a swimming pool, a woman should allow sun to dry her hairs completely. Process is bleaching is speeded up by chlorine present in pool water. Similarly, swimming in an ocean or a lake offers similar results. Even some women take a shower and dry their hairs under sun for lightening their hairs.