Natural Skin Tags Removal Methods

Natural Skin Tags Removal Methods

 Natural Skin Tags Removal Methods Although medically there is no factual reason to have tags removed from the skin, some people still prefer to have them removed. Color, shape and size alteration may also call for skin tags removal as it could mean the skin growth is not at all benign.

This is where you may need the help of a surgeon to remove your skin tags. But since this procedure is considered more a cosmetic enhancement rather than a medical requirement, there is no insurance coverage and the procedure cost can be quite high. The high cost of removal by medical means is the primary reason for many with skin tags not to bother removing them, unless they are really unsightly in their physical appearance.

Skin tags do not grow very fast or very big; the biggest size of a skin tag is about 1.3cm. Its color may be slightly off from your skin and it is connected by a thin strand of skin. Though it is usually benign, or non cancerous, skin tags may be painful if they are rubbed against your clothes or jewelry repetitively and accidentally.

They also make lots of people uncomfortable when they occur in areas where they are visible, such as the neck and the eyelids. The areas commonly attacked by tags should be kept as clean and dry as possible. Anal itching and irritation should never be taken for granted and treatment should be adhered to.

Natural Tag Treatment

Tag elimination can be done naturally by cutting them off. There are no side effects involved in this treatment and it also means you can do it at the convenience and privacy of your house. This treatment eliminates moles, skin tags and even warts without the need to spend a dime.

It is however advised to always use sanitized clippers or blades when performing the cut yourself, making sure you cut as far down to the root as possible. Those afraid of cutting the tags themselves can seek the help of a physician. To keep too much pain at bay when cutting, use an ice cube to numb the area first. You may experience some bleeding after the cut, but this should subside after a few minutes.

Liquid Nitrogen

Another tag removal method is by using liquid nitrogen which removes dead skin tissue. However caution should be exercised when using this treatment method as it can be very dangerous.

Nail Polish

You can also use nail polish to remove skin tags. It is a very simple procedure. You just paint some nail polish over the skin tags a couple of time a day covering them totally. The skin tags should fall off in a couple of days as their oxidation is covered and they stifled to death.

Baking Powder and Castor Oil

Skin Tags Removal

Try mixing baking powder and castor oil into a paste. Apply the paste on the skin tags two or three times every day until they dry up and die. This method works similarly like the nail polish. You cut off the tags’ air supply with the paste until they dry up and fall off.

A natural method to get rid of skin tags is engaging natural ingredients such as the herbal extract, dermisil, which is taken from three types of plants; they are the melaleuca alternifolia, thuja occidentalis and ricinus communis. You just apply this natural extract on the skin tag’s surface which dissolves it. This bottle of herbal extract can be easily purchased in your local drugstores or online at


But the simplest way to get rid of a skin tag is to tie a string around it, right at its base. Make sure that the string is tight; you can use dental loss, fishing line or sewing thread. After a few days, the skin tag would dry up and fall off. This method cuts off the supply of blood to the skin tag tissues which cause it to die. It is an easy method which gives no pain or side effects.

Ducy Tape

Home products like duct tape can remove skin tags too. Just cut some duct tape of length longer than the skin tag, so that the whole skin tag can be totally and tightly covered. Leave it for a couple of days. When you notice that the duct tape becomes loose, remove it and you will see the skin tag falling off or stuck to the duct tape. If it is effective yet, replace with another duct piece until the whole skin tag comes off finally.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is always an excellent contributor to skin care. It is an easy home remedy that can be found in many home products. You can simply rub some vitamin E onto a piece of band aid before placing it over your skin tag. When you see the band aid loosed, remove it to check the condition of the skin tag. If it is still not falling yet, repeat the process.

These methods take time and patience; there is no instant result. These methods are not only simple, they are cost effective and result oriented. The fastest way to remove skin tags in your home would be to snip them off with nail clippers or a pair of scissors if the skin tags are really a bother to you. The slight bleeding can be stopped with some hydrogen peroxide.

Conclusively, the most common way you can deal with skin tags for good, making sure they don’t recur and giving you trouble, is cutting them off the right way. Always sterilize your tools carefully and appropriately before you proceed with the cutting. If you are unsure of how to proceed, refer to your doctor and dermatologist for further advice and recommendations.

Any concerns in the shape, color of size should be taken seriously to avoid worse scenarios. Those who don’t have any problems with their skin tags should not trouble them. If at all they are not giving you any trouble, you can just leave them; but make sure that areas around them are clean and dry to avoid bacterial infections.

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