Natural Skin Care With Fruits

Natural Skin Care With Fruits

Natural Skin Care With Fruits Skin care is an important aspect of personal care and hygiene.  A healthy skin has a radiant glow, is moisturized and hydrated and is beautiful to look at. Hence, proper skin care is essential to have beautiful and flawless skin.

While there are several varieties of skin care products available in the market today, most of these products are artificially made with synthetic and chemical substances which can cause harm to your skin. Using these chemical based skin care products can lead to under nourished skin that is dry, lifeless, dull and not moisturized.

Chemical based skin care products provide skin care only superficially while actually damaging the natural glow of the skin in the long run. Hence instead of chemical skin care products, it is always advisable to use natural products and home remedies to take care of your skin.

Natural skin care is extremely healthy for your skin while at the same time it is inexpensive. Natural skin care includes fruits, vegetables, herbal products and essential oils. These natural products help your skin to breathe, retain its internal moisture, nourishment and natural glow. While all these sources of natural skin care are beneficial, this article will elaborate on the usefulness of natural skin care with fruits.

 Fruits for Natural Skin Care

Fruits have several nutrients and minerals which help to nourish and hydrate your skin. Natural skin care with fruits is a well known way of taking care of your skin. There are several kinds of fruits, each with its own distinct properties. You can choose the type of fruit that will best suit your skin and then use it for your regular natural skin care regimen. While in some cases, you will need slices of a particular fruit, in other cases, you will need the juice.

Skin Care With Apple Juice

If your skin is prone to wrinkles and is not firm and taut, you can use apple juice to firm it. Apple juice works as a wonderful toner and conditioner for skin wrinkles. Apple juice is also a proven cure for itchiness, skin irritation and skin inflammation. You can use the apple juice by adding a cup of the juice to your bath water. This will help to firm your skin, cleanse it and also soften it. Another benefit of apple juice is that it can get rid of dandruff. If you use apple juice in the last rinse after shampooing, then it will help to get rid of existing dandruff and also prevent the further appearance of dandruff.

Skin Care With Lemon

Another very beneficial fruit is a lemon. Lemons are useful for a number of purposes and natural skin care is just one part of it. The most important benefit of lemons is that they help to effectively cleanse your skin of any pollutants, oil and other impurities. Lemons can be used for cleansing both your skin and your hair. Like apple juice, lemons can also get rid of dandruff because of the acidic nature of lemons.

Lemons also help to freshen up your skin and soften it. Rub a few slices on your skin and you will feel refurbish within seconds. Also, lemons help to soften the rough skin patches on elbows, knees and the back of heels. Lemons can not only help to soften these tough areas but also lighten the skin tone of these areas because these parts of our body generally tend to be darker than other parts of the skin. Finally, lemons are also used as deodorizers when mixed to your bath water.

Skin Care With Lime

Skin Care With Lime

With similar properties to lemons, lime is also a very useful fruit for natural skin care. Lime has cleansing, purifying, and refreshing properties. Lime also helps to get rid of dandruff. Apart from these, lime juice also helps to cure acne and remove freckles. Lime juice contains the greasiness of oily skin. Finally, slices of lime can help to rejuvenate your eyes when they are tired.

Skin Care With Avocado And Banana

If you want to apply facial masks on your skin to remove impurities as well as tone it, then avocado is just the fruit for you. Use avocado with egg yolk to make a facial mask which will help to moisturize dull and dry skin. However, you can also use banana masks. Bananas contain vitamins A, B, C and E along with potassium which help to smoothen up skin and rejuvenate it with antioxidants. Using a banana and honey mixture can give you hydrates, glowing and clean skin.

Skin Care with Cucumber

Cucumber helps to prevent blackheads, rejuvenate your skin, and hydrate it. Cucumber slices also relieve your eyes when they are tired. This fruit also acts as a toner like apple juice and helps to remove pimples and wrinkles.

Other Fruits

For natural antiseptic products for your skin, you can use the leaves of a guava or a mango. Apply these leaves on your skin after boiling them and they will infuse your skin with antiseptics. For revitalizing dull and dry skin, pineapple is a wonderful fruit. It helps to get rid of the dryness and bring a glow to your skin. Pineapple is also a good skin softener and cleanser.

Some other natural skin care products involving fruits include orange juice, green papaya and peach. Orange juice helps your skin to get rid of pimples and acne. Orange juice can also help to remove blemishes, scars and spots on your skin. Orange and green papaya can be used to remove whiteheads, spots and boils on your skin.

Orange and green papaya can also help to lighten your skin tone like lemon juice. With anti wrinkle properties peach is also a very useful fruit. Peach has fruit AHA which is alpha hydroxyl acid. This acid helps in general skin renewal. If you want to make a facial mask with peaches, then you can combine the fruit with oatmeal or yogurt.

There can be various other kinds of fruit facials such as strawberries, grapefruit and so on. Apply these facials for 15 to 30 minutes every day to improve your skin and make it look beautiful.