Natural Options For Healthy Hair Growth

Natural Options For Healthy Hair Growth

Natural Options For Healthy Hair Growth Your hair is your crowning glory. Hence, it is not surprising that a lot of people take great pains and lengths to have a healthy mane. But not everybody is fortunate to experience healthy hair growth.

More and more people, whether men or women, are experiencing increasing hair loss by the day. However, with modern technology, hair loss can be treated or even prevented.

Hair Growth

Most people experience a normal hair growth rate of six inches annually. The factors that affect hair growth rate include hair type, growth location and the amount of hair breakage caused by heat. All hair goes through 3 phases in its growth cycle. The first phase is called anagen, the second phase is called catagen and the third phase is called telogen.

The first phase, anagen, lasts 2-6 years where cells are found growing in the follicle on the hair shaft; thus, the hair is lengthened. In the catagen’s two weeks, the hair does not grow anymore as its follicles will retract. This “dead hair” phase refers to the inactiveness of the hair; it is going to shed instead. Third phase, telogen, is about 5 weeks where the follicles rest or the hair strands begin to fall.

Hair Drops

It is expected that 100 strands of hair fall on most people on the average from a head of over 100,000 hair strands. However, the numbers of hair on each person is different. The number of dropping hair differs from person to person. Dermatologists may assure you that dropping 100 strands of hair daily is not an issue but it all depends on various factors and circumstances.

Hair growth rate can also change according to the season or situation such as stress or type of shampoo used. One other exception refers to the telogen effluvium phase where the hair growth is zero due to a body change condition like pregnancy, surgery, medication or sickness.

You should be alert to the amount of hair you shed and note that it should be within acceptable amounts. Dropping too much hair is abnormal and calls for attention to your health condition. It is essential that your hair grows again with the anagen phase active as long as you can.

Hair Growth Treatments

Many types of health hormones or scalp health can affect your hair growth negatively. So does harsh medical treatments and bad diets. Hence, a simple hair growth treatment is simply changing your diet to a more balanced diet that has sufficient nutrients to nourish your hair. Avoid medical treatments that are harmful to your hair. By changing the negative factors that impact your hair growth negatively, you can restore the shine and good health for your hair. These are great natural options which can be undertaken by anyone desiring good and healthy hair easily.

Natural Growth Remedies

Natural Options For Healthy Hair Growth1

There are many hair growth remedies that are natural based. Some are very renowned treatments like Biotin hair growth, Provillus, Procerin, hair replacement and laser hair growth. Some are last resorts to hair growth. The best natural hair growth treatment is, of course, a dietary change. You would need to consult your doctor or dermatologist on your hair’s current condition to understand what is lacking in your current diet that affects your healthy hair growth.

You can then consult a nutritionist who can recommend the right diet to ensure sufficient nutrients and vitamins for growing your hair and maintaining it in healthy condition. Your self-confidence will grow with this change in your hair.

Different Types Of Hair

Hair problems can affect all types of hair, whether it is straight or curly, long or short. You can do a lot to maintain your healthy locks with the following recommendations.


Hair shampoos can affect your hair growth or loss. So, choose wisely on your hair shampoo. Buy those with natural ingredients such as herbs and non-chemical products. Shampoos with ingredients Rosemary or Capsicum are excellent in stimulating hair growth. Lemongrass will add on fullness to your hair while aloe Vera balances the pH level in your scalp.   Dong quai, the popular Chinese herb contains high levels of phyto-estrogens which encourage healthy hair growth.

Daily Regimen

Adopting a good and regular hair care regimen is essential in enhancing your hair growth and preventing hair loss. A daily usage of some mild shampoo with herbal components such as Lavender stimulates hair growth. Fine hair should take on shampoos that contain Petit Grain, Wheat Germ or Orange Oil; a vegetable combination is good in stimulating and purifying your scalp and hair.

Dry hair should not be subjected to daily shampooing as this may cause more dryness and breakage. Shampoo every other day to reduce dryness and breakage. Try to avoid hair colors and chlorine treatments as these worsen the scalp condition causing more flakes.

Specialty Treatments

Nourish your scalp and hair with different effective treatments on a weekly basis with the right conditioners, masks and oils to prevent dehydration. Choose a mask with proteins and vitamins to strengthen weak hair strands.
Try coconut oil or neem oil on a weekly basis to rejuvenate weak and brittle hair strands.

Home Remedies

For strong and healthy hair, you can find a number of natural cures, like Almond Oil, Coconut Milk and Jojoba Oil. Coconut Milk has nourishing properties for the hair and it should be applied to the roots of hair, allowing it to soak for about half an hour and rinse it away with warm water. The process can be repeated thrice every week. Oil extracted from Almonds can prevent loss of hair.

Healthy Hair and Your Diet

Healthy dietary plan is certainly the basis for healthy hair on your head. As hair is made up of protein, if you consume foods which are rich in proteins like fish, lean beef, cottage cheese and eggs, you hair will be healthier, shining, and look younger. Complement it with Vitamins through supplements, which can also supply minerals such as Zinc and Iron, all of which will assure the health of your hair and skin.   Give your hair some time before it can regain its good health and full glory.