Natural Acne Treatments – Coconut Oil Treatment For Acne

4 out of 10 women have suffered from acne at some point in their lives. This is a serious skin disorder that affects women from their teen years and can stay on till they are well into their forties.

There are several treatments that claim to be effective cures for acne however not many of them work as they promise to.

While anti biotic drugs and chemicals are one of the most preferred treatments they do have a lot of side effects. I suffered with acne for a few years and have tried almost every drugs, cream, lotion and portion and lastly I took solace in herbal treatments and home remedies that proved to be most effective.

One of the most reliable treatments in the cure of acne is coconut oil. If you are suffering with acne and are looking for a remedy to help you out then I have the perfect home remedy for you.

If you have oil skin then you may have reservations about rubbing coconut oil all over your face however I assure you that you will not suffer from any side effects. Rubbing coconut oil on your skin will help to get rid of the dead skin cells on your face, prevent further acne breakouts and get rid of acne scars on your skin. Read on to find out different ways to use coconut oil to get rid of acne.

Coconut oil can be used to remove makeup from your skin. Pour a few drops of the oil on a cotton ball and then rub it in circular movements on the surface of your skin. Massage the oil on your skin and let it sit for 5 to 7 minutes.

Wipe the oil of your skin with a wet towel and then rinse your face with warm water and an oil free cleanser. Don’t worry if traces of the oil remain on your skin as it will work as a moisturizer. So in this way rubbing the oil on your skin will not only get rid of the makeup on your skin it will also help to moisturize your skin.

If you have acne scars on your skin then massage a few drops of the oil on your face at night and let it stay on your skin overnight. Do this daily for a few weeks and you will notice a visible difference in your skin; acne scars will begin to fade away and your skin will begin to have a natural glow.