Nail Problems

Perfectly shaped nails draped in nail polish can make your hands look beautiful. But to keep your nails beautiful forever, you need to take measures to keep them in good health, after all our nails are also a part of our body. Don’t assume your nails are just there for aesthetic purposes, they are functional too and you definitely know where all your nails play an important part in the day to day life. And because of this role that our nails perform on a day to day basis, they’re bound to suffer the usual wear and tear. Washing utensils, gardening and the use of harsh cleansers and detergents damages the protective covering on your nails, leaving them brittle, discolored and fragile.

Discoloration of nails is one of the most frequently encountered nail problems, which leaves them looking sick with mild undertones of yellow or purple. Discoloration may take place either along the whole length of the nail or in small patches. The causes can be anything like poor blood circulation, harsh chemicals present in nail polish or deficiency of nutrients.

Discoloration of nails may at times indicate towards more serious problems such as heart related problems or trauma. If the damage is due to chemicals in nail polishes, it is best to avoid nail polish application for a few days to let your nails breathe freely. A calcium rich diet will also contribute towards healthy nails.

Another nail problem which is often referred to as eggshell nails, is the phenomena where your nails become so brittle and fragile that even the slightest of pressure exerted on them as can cause severe damage. When suffering from this condition, if you try to grow your nails they will become curved at the top and won’t grow straight.

This condition is purely because of poor eating habits which deprive your nails of vitamins and minerals that are essential for staying healthy and for proper growth. While making changes to your eating pattern and having a more nutrient rich diet, try keeping the length of the nails short to prevent damage. In certain extreme cases you may also require medication.

Ingrown nails are a commonly faced problem affecting the toenails, where the nails grow into the skin surrounding the sides of the nail and the only solution to this problem is proper cutting and filing of toenails.

Sidharth Thakur