Nail Polish For Spring 2011 Brings Entire Different Range of Colours

Nail Polish For Spring 2011 Brings Entire Different Range of Colours

Nail Polish For Spring 2011 Brings Entire Different Range of Colours All beautiful ladies spring the most colourful season of the year  has arrived. It’s won’t be a surprise that your wardrobe must be full of bright colours. But like your hair, skin and wardrobe you must be tuned in on the latest nail polish trends.

Nail Polish For Spring Season

Nail Polish is also known as nail varnish, nail colours, nail paints and nail enamels. It is a lacquer to be applied to toenails or fingernails to get a beautiful look. Lot of people take this word for granted but to add to your knowledge ones personality is judged by beautiful hands and feet. For this you require decorating your nails with beautiful shades.

It’s not only a question of fashion statement but wearing nail polish has become an important aspect of our personality. The choice of colours and the different ways of application portray the kind of personality you have. Women who are naive and simple generally go for neutral and light shades whereas those who are funky would prefer shiny, bright and vibrant shades.

Wearing Nail polish adds a touch of attraction to your personality. Women who don’t like to apply any shade & prefer their nails bare should at least go for sheer gloss or a transparent nail polish, which will bring a shine and will make nails look colourlessly beautiful.

Over a period of time Nail Polish has developed into a form of complete nail art.  Now you see lot of designs, colours, and styles. Today women does not only stick to one single colour .Gone are the days when women had no choice but to go for single colours and shades, although one should not deny the fact that single colour looks best. But one has the choice of experimenting with different sort of colours, designs which, not only makes your nails look new & beautiful but also strengths and elongate them for prettier look.

Importance of Nail Polish

Nail Polish acts as a protective layer and helps in covering up the flaws of nails like yellowish nails or white marks on nails due to lack of calcium. The nail polish give a bright look to your hands if applied properly. The year 2011 spring brings entire different range of colours.

Few secrets & tips to be followed this Spring Season

Have you observed what models have worn on their hands? Surprisingly models are not wearing typical shades such as reds & pinks. The year 2011 spring is seeing neutral shades and wide range of Beige nail colours is in. Moreover, colours matching to your skin tone look amazing, and they go very well with your bright  clothes.

The big size nails are no more in fashion this season and short Nails are the latest trend of this spring 2011. In order to make your nails look longer opt for Neutral shades. These shades also add a classic look to your blingy diamond rings. One more advantage of these shades is that  it enhance your moods. For all the ladies who faces mood swings can give a try to this unique idea like whenever they feel little dull try painting your nails in Red colour to get your confidence back.

In nail paint Pink & Mauve shades look good on fairer skin and colours like black, blue, yellow are generally worn with particular attire.  To add shine to your nails you can opt for glossy shades and in summer the  nude shades are more  spotted at fashion shows. Yummy peachish pinks, thick smooth purples, bright blues, shocking pink are also the   colours of the season. Don’t forget metallic colours like gun-metal greys.Lavender nails women’s secret weapon. Dusty purples, shiny lavender goes with most of the skin tones lavenders. Blue colour has got “Spring” written all over it and  don’t miss Topcoats to add an extra beauty to your nails.

Here we are giving some tips which one should keep in mind while buying a nail polish for them. Always buy a good brand of Nail Polish.Never try to buy nail polish on the lower price scale, because it might have harsh chemicals which further are bad for your nails. In case you want to buy a good & not a very high brand you can opt for brands like Lakme, Revlon, Loreal, Maybelline, etc. This would cost you between say Rs.100-300.

The price of nail paints offered by the brands like Chambor, Lancome, M.A.C, Estee Lauder & so on, you have to spend Rs.500 onwards.Keep changing your nail polish after a certain period of time. It does not look good if you wait till your nail polish starts to chip off. Always  ensure  good quality nail remover. Buy a nail remover which does not have Acetone in it because it damage nails.

At occasions like parties, weddings, get-togethers or even in a daily life routine, every woman wants to apply perfect nail polish.  But the question is how to choose the right shade & apply it perfectly. Every time one can cannot go to salons for getting Nail polish applied, so it’s better to learn yourself. As rest of our body parts play significant role in reflecting our personality, so does Nails. It’s not just a fashion trend but applying nail polish gives an impression of groomed hands. Below are tips for applying nail Polish with perfection:

Firstly, clean your old nail polish and apply a base coat on the nails because it gives strength.While taking out nail polish brush out the excessive nail polish & then apply on nails. Nail polish should be applied in three strokes on each nail. First apply a thin layer in the centre of the nail & on left & then on right. Before applying the second coat, let the first one dry completely. Be careful not to move your fingers too much as it would lead to smudging the nail polish . Let the nail polish dry for 20-30 minutes at least.

Tips of choosing Right Nail Polish Colour

Always pick the colour matching your skin tone. Women who are looking  for fun look in summer try applying pastel pinks, blue or purple, green. In cool winters try using dark hues like red. While applying dark colours keep your finger nails very short.Colours like reddish-orange looks best on lighter skin tones. The  Dark colours with purple-blue base look better on darker skin.So, Lovely ladies enjoy spring 2011 with new range of colours. That will make your nails look beautiful & glowing and also complimenting your clothes & personality. We simply love following these latest nail trends which always comes with surprises every year.

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