Nail Art You Must Try This Year

Nail Art

Nail Art Not just the Plain Jane nail paints but nail art is the trend now.Nail art is nothing but a splash of your creative side on your nails, that brings out your most nonfigurative and fun side by paining your nails abstract, artistic and inventive.Instead of paining your nails in one solid color, try blending one color with one two more colors.

Different Ideas On Nail Art

For First Timers

If you are trying this trend for the first time then you could start by coloring your nails alternatively with two colors. Or to be a little more artistic, take two colors, say blue and green and paint your nails haphazardly or paint each nail in a different color. Try this on for a week or two and then move on to the ‘art’ that everyone is talking about this year.

Matching Or Not

Do not fear combining colors that remotely match, you might have second thoughts about the same but trust me, I would not want you to end up getting bad remarks. In fact, eventually you will see people following your trend in school/ college and in your neighborhood. To your surprise, nail art does not end with just colors, you can purchase fingernail jewelry to combine with the paints to get stunning effects. You can choose from a wide range of fingernail jewelry options they have in the market, if you want to try them at home.

Nail Art Stamps And Nail Wraps

There are the much classic nail art stamps, like the Konad Nail art stamps, which has a stamp, a scraper and plates with patterns on them. You have to use nail polish over the patterns on the plate, scrape it, roll the stamp on the pattern and roll it over the nail.

Nail Art Stamps

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Nowadays shops keep nail wraps, which you just have to peel off, shape using scissors and stick on your nails. That is the easiest and less time consuming affair. Yet again, they are not nail polish, just stickers.

Wraps But Not Stickers

I prefer paint over stickers and in case you prefer the same, you are in for good news, you can purchase nail art kits, where you have all kinds of supplies forpainting your nails, some even have fingernail jewelry coming with it Now this demands toil and time. Is it a tedious affair? Life is short and indeed busy, and I have the perfect solution for you.

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You need Salon Effects, a product by Sally Hansen, it wears like nail polish and is removable by nail polish remover, as it is genuinely nail polish. It comes in an array of shades and is easy to apply. A Salon Effects’ kit holds nail strips of a particular style or graffiti, a nail file and a cuticle stick to trim off the excess from the nail strips when fixed on the nail. You do not need to give time for drying and you can try from the 40 different shades they have. They last up to a maximum of ten days.

Nail Paint

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These fashion to the fore styles and prints for the nails are a must try for every girl. And do not forget to get a funky nail art done, the next time you go in for a manicure. French manicure was so last year, it is time for some funky and abstract designs like animal prints, floral prints, hello kitty design, tuxedo design, abstract graffiti, diamond studded design and many more that you must try this year. Play with different colors and shades, stay trendy and have fun.

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