Nagging: How To Avoid It For Healthy Parenting?

Nagging is a form of pestering, or otherwise reminding an individual of previously discussed things. Parents often have a habit nagging their child with something or the other.

It is basically described as continuously annoying or disturbing your child with scolding, complaining or urging, constantly finding faults and being a constant source of anxiety or annoyance.

Many times parents do not even realize that they are nagging their child. It may be so that you have to repeat your instructions again and again but still your child does not listen to you. This is when you need to check, because your instructions have reached to a stage of nagging and so is ignored by the child.

There are times when you use sarcasm while being instructive and it is more insulting for the child, and so such nagging again does not help. In order to stop nagging your child and improve your relationship with your child, you can follow the below mentioned steps:

You need to decide what are the most important issues to be dealt with the child and concentrate on them. You must stop talking about the unnecessary things with the child. Try to anticipate the situations where you have to go the extent of nagging your child.

For example if the child has to get dressed after breakfast and you have to nag about it, you can ask the child to get dressed before the breakfast. The anticipation of breakfast can help the child to cooperate with you. Give a reward to your child every time he cooperates and follow out your instructions instead of paying attention on the ‘not done’ part.

Try to avoid criticizing your child for something not done or wrongly done. Instead, praise the child when something good has been done. Don’t let your expectations from your child get laid on him. Instead try to identify the individual skills that your child has and encourage him on those skills.

The most important thing in a parent-child relationship is communication. When you do not listen to your child, he feels neglected and he is most likely to reciprocate in a similar manner. On trying these methods, your relationship is surely to improve with your child and your nagging will come to an end.


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