Myths About Breast Cancer

p As we are celebrating this month as Breast Cancer Awareness month, it is the right time to dispel some widely believed myths about the disease:

Myth one: Breast cancer isn’t hereditary. It’s common for families not to discuss about diseases openly until someone in the family is diagnosed to be the patient. It’s very important to find out if anyone in your immediate or extended family ever suffered from breast cancer or any other form of cancer.

Myth two: Women having small breasts don’t suffer from Breast cancer. Any breast tissue has the probability of developing into a cancerous growth. So, even women with small breasts should get themselves examined for breast cancer and perform self examination each month.

Myth three: I can’t do mammograms as I have breast implants. Though some doctors are considering the use of MRI for those having implants, mammograms are still the most important way of examination. If you have breast implants, talk to your breast radiologist and physician yearly about any new and modern technology that has been discovered.

Myth four: I’m not aged enough to get breast cancer. Breast cancer can occur at any moment. Though the probability increases with age, it has even affected young women who were diagnosed to be suffering from it during their pregnancy. So, begin to examine your breasts yourself when you are into your late teens and stay safe.

Myth five: I’m aged enough to go for regular mammogram. Regular mammography will detect cancers in its early-stages when it can be treated and cured. Unless you are the patient of a terminal illness, it will help to go for regular mammography.

So, talk to your doctor about the beliefs and myths of breast cancer; unless the myths are dispelled, you will not be able to take proper care of yourself to fight the disease.