Must have Makeup Brushes

Make up is an art and an art must be done with perfection so as to catch all the eyeballs towards it. If a women has to do make up, it is required to do it right. Now for a right make up, you do not only need to learn the right technique, have excellent cosmetics or a pretty face.

Something that needs to be taken care of beyond all these necessary things is to have right brushes. It is extremely important to have all the necessary make up brushes in your makeup box so that you can get the right look.

Foundation brush, also known as contour brush helps to blend the foundation into the skin.

This helps to smoothen up the imperfections like a cracked look. For applying bronzer, you require it as well. Concealer brush which is an oval shaped brush which blends concealer to hide dark spots, etc. powder brush is also a very necessary make up brush. It gives you a perfect cheek makeup because of its round and slanted shape.

For eyes, the use of right brushes is extremely important otherwise you may end up ruining your whole look. Eye brow brush is extremely important. It comes in various styles but medium sized angled works the best as it gives the brow area just the precise amount of color as required. In case you are looking for smoky eyes look, go for smudge brush.

Lash comb is required for getting right shape of lashes. You just have to use upwards strokes to create thickness in brows with it. Also it helps to keep the brows tidy by separating lashes to remove the clumps of mascara. Then, an eyeliner brush which should be pointed is required to apply eyeliner finely. If you wish for a smoky look then line your eyes with liner and the smudge it with the help of brush.

Lips make up is rightly done with the help of a good lip brush. It is used to apply lipstick or a gloss in a neat manner. And finally a fan brush is needed for the cleanup. If you have excess shadow or excess blush or anything, use it. So this is all you need for your brush tools.