Music For Kids

music-for-child To build in some worthy life skills in your children, teach them to love and appreciates music, because music is the best healer for all troubled souls. And music is not just a healer but it is also useful in boosting one’s self-esteem and in enhancing one’s expressions.

What’s music?

Music basically has three components, sound, rhythm and melody. Each of these comments has its unique effect on the psychology of the child’s, like sound helps to improve self-expression, rhythm helps in developing motor reflexes and melody develops the comprehension skills and emotions.

Music for every mood

Every piece of music has a different effect on both our mind as well as our body, and this is one little fact that we must always delve upon when selecting music for our children.

For bed time, you need some soothing music which is as comforting as a soft blanket. Look for something with softer beats and lighter texture, and preferably something that is without words. The words of a song have a stimulating effect on the brain, which makes us more alert and thus the child may not be able to drift into sleep easily. However, lullaby still have a wonderful sleep inducing effect because of their slow rhythm and repetitive and garbled words.

As your child is growing; you must introduce him to some more types of music, particularly those which are a combination of imagery and music. Musical stories and music that creates images in the mind of the child are quite helpful in calming down the over stimulated children, who normally have a problem in focusing.

Latin American music or something of the kind with fast-paced beats works wonders in uplifting the mood of the child. So if your child is lethargic or moping, you can expose him to some lively and stimulating beats to get him out of the couch.

And lastly, if you’re looking for a way to coordinate and stimulate your child’s motor activities, introduce your child to some folk music.  Folk music or music which has a variety of rhythm always inspires the child to experiment with his body movements.

Sidharth Thakur