Mushroom, The Health Booster

The demand for “organic foods” is rising more than ever. With high amount of pesticides and other harmful chemicals being used in improving the growth of natural foods and products for the sole reason of increased commercial gain has damaged and tampered the food values of our daily intakes like never before, adding fuel to the rising fire of need to consume organic food.

Now the question arises that what is organic food! Technically speaking, organic foods are such foods that get prepared in accordance to certain norms that are formulated by “organic certifying body”.

To put it in a basic way – these are foods that are processed and prepared without the use of chemicals, which means that organic foods are not produced or cultivated with the help of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and not even chemical preservatives.

A good example of organic foods would be our very own mushrooms. A check should however be done on choosing wild mushrooms from ground to the packed variants. However whatever the size and shape they come in with whether the common buttons or dainty oysters, researchers have found some new and improved health benefits for them.

Mushrooms protect against cancer. Mushrooms as the study suggests are extremely rich in phytochemicals that are expert disease fighters. A regular intake of mushrooms has proven to be quite beneficial to lower the risk of breast cancer for women from Korea and China.

Study proves that mushrooms also as well help in prevention and fight from prostrate cancer, by stopping the cells to multiply in mice –and have a chance of giving the same effect on men.

Mushrooms supply rare nutrients. A study suggests that a mushroom of medium size would successfully provide twenty one percent of the suggested daily doses of the trace mineral selenium and as well is capable of providing one third portion of daily required value of copper. A mushroom can even be compared with a medium banana in the equivalence of providing potassium –a mineral that helps fight lactic acid formation in muscles after a vigorous workout.

A recent study in America shows mushrooms to be capable in providing a low calorie variation for nutrition when compared to the same amount of minced meat to about four hundred calories. Research shows that if mushroom is substituted for meat in even a single meal a week, there are chances of losing even two kilos and more in a given year.