Murano Glass Jewelry – What To Choose And How To Use It

Murano glass is quite famous for its elegance, beauty and sophistication. It has its origin in an island situated in the Venetian lagoon. Having Murano glass jewelry in your wardrobe is like possessing a piece of treasure.

This write-up on Murano glass jewelry will let you know about the variety of jewelry that is prepared from Murano glass. Also, you’ll get fashion tips on how to use Murano jewelry.

Variety of Murano glass jewelry

Murano glass jewelry is available in a variety of forms like necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pendants. This type of glass pendants come along with different colors and sizes. So, you need to find out which size and color suit your dress and you can then wear it accordingly.

Murano glass jewelry is available in the form of a variety of earrings which dangle beautifully from the ears. Such earrings are made from stones crafted elegantly in various sizes and shapes. Then there are bracelets having brilliant designs made from stones having a variety of colors. The necklaces too have a variety of classy designs. There are beads used to give a unique shape, design and pattern to the Murano glass necklaces.

The best thing about Murano jewelry is that it compliments any outfit you may like to wear. The common colors you’ll find among Murano glass jewelry are red, green, blue, amber, lavender, etc. The glass stones used to give a unique look to Murano jewelry are round-shaped, square-shaped or even heart-shaped. Moreover, there are rectangular shaped jewelries as well. Sometimes, the jewelry designers carve out a shape that’s completely different, and this is what makes your jewelry unique.

Fashion tips for using Murano glass jewelry

If you’re using Murano pendant necklaces, you should wear it with a turtle neck dress or a V-neck sweater. When you wear Murano earrings, make sure your hair is pinned up so as to highlight the earrings. If you use Murano bracelets, make sure you wear a sleeveless or short-sleeve dress, so that the bracelet gets noticed.

Whether it’s your evening attire or a special dress for your prom, you’ll look great if you wear a Murano glass bracelet with it. You can look for online retailers if you intend to purchase Murano glass jewelry. They are available at a variety of prices with some of the retailers offering great discounts as well.