Mud Baths – Leave Your Skin Soft, Supple and Transformed

An ancient treatment steeped in tradition and dating back to the time of the beautiful Cleopatra, people have taken mud baths for its therapeutic and relaxing benefits.

Often considered a fun and luxurious treatment, mud baths are extremely useful for treating a variety of skin conditions and joint problems like arthritis and rheumatism.Today mud baths have become an important spa treatment and have gained much popularity in regions where volcanic ash and hot springs appear together.

A mud bath is prepared with a variety of mineral rich natural elements like peat and clay along with hot spring water. These natural elements have excellent revitalizing, relaxing and healing properties.

A mud bath also gives a general feeling of being cocooned in luxury and removes any pent up stress or tension. Mud baths also help to remove body toxins, improves the complexion, and alleviates all kinds of muscular and joint pain.

An individual who is taking a mud bath is normally immersed in warm mud which has a base temperature 100F for ten to twelve minutes. Next an attendant helps the person to exit the mud bath. The mud is removed from the body by the attendant with the help of cooling wash cloths and icy cold water.

The mud bath experience is totally different from any other spa treatment in the sense that instead of floating on the surface of the soft and warm mud you are actually cocooned by the warm and gooey mud. Normally people who have taken this spa treatment are encouraged to bathe in a mineral whirlpool followed by a steam bath to complete the experience. The whole treatment procedure takes anywhere between 1 to 1.5 hours.

People of all age groups can indulge in this relaxing spa experience although women and the elderly mostly go in for this invigorating treatment. Mud baths is a beauty treatment which helps to relax wrinkles, remove toxins from the body and offers deep nourishment to the skin. It also acts as a natural exfoliate.

In today’s stress ridden life it is recommended that every individual experiences the healing and relaxing effects of a mud bath. So put your stress and tensions behind you with a mud bath.

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