Mouth Wrinkles and How They can be Avoided

As we get older, the lines in and around the mouth get deeper.

The wrinkles happen with the advance in our years, quite naturally. There are certain things, however, that help speed up their coming on.

Chronic exposure to the sun helps to increase the lines and this exposure is very harmful as the skin around the mouth is vulnerable and thin. These lines help the process of aging and we often fail to protect the tender skin from the sun rays.

It is best you keep the area around the mouth hydrated. The dermis tissues get easily damaged and they are not hydrated or moistened. You have to make apply full moisturizer to the area.

You need an ingredient called the Cynergy TK from the sheep wool. This is made up of the protein called the functional keratin which is needed for elastin and collagen production.

Some methods of acupressure can also be applied. You can find the pressure points in and around the mouth. Your index fingers can be pressed with acupressure. You can knead the muscles regularly to release the tensions and all kinds of stress in the area. You can practice some acupressure before you go to sleep.

A firming mask can be used to firm the area in and around the skin. You can make your own make up. You can use some clay powder and also use the ingredients which would make the surface of the skin more resilient and firm. Lemon juice in face has a wonderful ingredient for anti-aging. It helps to peel off the surface layer of the skin.

You can also use supplements that make the skin look very young and fresh. You can also use the extract of the grape seed. This helps improve the elasticity of the skin and it also has many anti-oxidative benefits.

It also helps to fight off the free radicals. This when we improve the skin in and around the mouth area, it’s amazing how young you can look. Soft massage helps to improve the skin there and works best to keep you young and vibrant always.