Mixed Signals – What Do They Convey And How To Handle Them

At one moment he seems madly in love with you, the next moment he is indifferent. Once he makes you feel that he is completely committed to the relationship and at other times he may not look so sure of it.

These contradictory signs in love, dating or relationship are known as mixed symbols.

Mixed signals refer to those signals or hints that a person may give to you, knowingly or unknowingly, which may confuse you of their interest in you. These signals are not only confusing but also very depressing.

And since most of us have to face these mixed signals during some time or the other in our love life, so it’s better that we try to keep some knowledge about them instead of going into depression on receiving them.

Most of the times, mixed signals are hints of uncertainty, which means that he may not be sure about his feelings for you or the relationship. He may not be sure whether to commit to the relationship or not. Mixed signals may also mean that he is keeping you in the loop while he looks for or evaluates other options.

It may also be that he does not have any such negative thing working in his mind and the situation may make him react to things in such a way that he gives off mixed signals. In such a case, he may not be even aware that he is giving you hints of uncertainty. So, whenever you receive mixed signals from him, ask him straight about it.

Make a note of how he reacts while you confront him on this matter. If he tries to defend himself or gets irritated, then be sure that something is not quite right. Either he is trying to hide something from you or there is something more to his mixed signals which should not be ignored.

Dealing with mixed signals becomes easier once you understand what the thought behind the hints is. If they are innocent in nature and he is not being able to make his mind about the relationship, then it would be better to give him and the relationship some more time.

Often these uncertainties pass by themselves with time. But if his intentions are not that nice and simple, then it’s better to cut loose from the relationship and break free from the complications and depression.

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