Mixed Signals – Does He Hate You Or Love You?

Getting mixed signals from the man you love when you are all head over heels for him can be seriously frustrating. There are times when you are sure that he definitely loves you and just when you are convinced that he is, he decides to take a u-turn and starts being distant, leaving you deserted again.

This can be especially frightening and heart breaking when you happen to be the one who initiated the relationship. There are several reasons why men do that. One obvious reason is that they are still trying to sort out their feelings about you. Unless he happens to be extremely moody, there’s hardly any other reason why men do that.

Another reason, which is quite rare, is that they are holding back since they do not know how you feel about them. It happens when their ego holds them back from initiating the next step in a relationship and forces them to hold their feelings back and wait until you let them know that you are ready to move ahead to the next step.

Men, usually, are clueless about what their behavior portrays to you. Sometimes it so happens that they won’t even know that they are giving off such negative vibes. Certain situations and circumstances might put their actions in a negative light.

So in any case, your best bet to solve this is ask straight out and clear your doubts once for all. This way, the next time this happens, you’ll know better than to make assumptions. This also helps you to know more about his personality and behavior and decode his actions depending on that.

This also happens when you are still in the beginning of the relationship and are already planning about marrying. Guys are easily scared of being confronted about marriage, especially when you haven’t progressed in the relationship yet.

This plants the seeds of doubt in his mind about whether it’s really safe to move ahead with the relationship or not since you are not giving enough time for him to settle down. But if none of these situation fits in the situation you are in, instead of making assumptions and cutting off the relationship when he still likes you, it’s best you talk this out with him and clear everything right-away.

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