Miracle Makeup Steps

Miracle Makeup Steps It is a dream of every woman to look beautiful and attractive. To look good is not so difficult but one has to pay special attention to the amount as well as the proper application of makeup. Following are the steps of makeup for women who are beginners but want to look best.

Skin Type- The application of makeup becomes confusing if you don’t know the type of skin you have. For that purpose, you should know that what type of skin you have. After that, choose the best cosmetics which helps to complement your skin, hair as well as your eyes.

Face- In every makeup application guide, the face makeup came at the top, because when you meet someone it is your face which helps to make an opinion about that particular person.

Foundation Application– The main aim of the application of foundation is to provide your face a flawless look. If you have oily skin, you can apply foundation which is water based. For dry skin persons, a moisturizing foundation is the best choice. The shade of the foundation should be matched with your skin tone to get natural look.

Blush– Blush is the next step of the makeup application. Choose the blush after matching it with your skin tone; apply the one or two shades of blush as per your requirement.

Eye Makeup Eyes are called the mirror of inner emotions of a person. If the eyes of a woman are perfectly made up, then it means 80% of your work is done.

Eyeliner – The very first thing in the eye makeup is the eyeliner. It is essential to shade and design the eyes. To choose a liquid or pencil eye liner is totally depends over you. Apply a line both over the upper or lower eye lash. It helps to give heavier look to eye lashes.

Eye Shadow Apply the light shade of eye shadow over your upper lid, it should be matched with your dress. Take medium shade and put it in the middle part of eye lid. The darkest shade must be put over the corner of the upper lid.

Mascara– Mascara is the important step of the makeup. After mascara, eyes look longer and heavier as well. There are two types of mascara- water soluble and water proof. One can choose any of these according to their preference.

Lipstick- This is last but not the least, it is one of the important steps of makeup. Choose a lipstick not that matches with celebrity’s style statement, but that which is matched with your skin tone as well as your dress.

Once should use lipstick in place of lip gloss to get the perfect look. The lip liner can be chosen but the application is totally depends over the person’s choice.

There is a thought that the lip liner should be applied before the application of lipstick but it is wrong as the lip liner should be applied after the application of lipstick to give it final and smooth touch. This is called the balancing point of your makeup. So, follow the above mentioned steps and get the gorgeous look just like celebrities!

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