Mineral Make Up: Beauty, The Natural Way

makeup-beautiful There is a craze in the market regarding the mineral make up and many women are changing from their typical chemical make ups to this very natural alternative. Most of the famous skin experts who are dead against the use of make up on the skin are also favoring it’s use basically because it is very natural and not at all harmful to the skin.

In fact,  many of them are also of the opinion that make up may be really good for the skin as it provides a protective shield against the harmful natural substances in the atmosphere but the only condition s that it  should allow the skin to breath which sadly most of the make ups do not do.

There are also many benefits of using the mineral make ups. First of all is that this make up binds with the oil of the skin as result it becomes long lasting and water resistant and unlike other make ups do not get washed out so very quickly. This also gives you the much needed natural look. Another very important act is that they are extremely versatile.

You can mix it with water to form foundation or they can be used in the form of powder as foundation and light congealer’s there is a high percentage of titanium dioxide they are all very good sunscreens and can protect the skin against all the damages made by the harmful rays of the sun. They also have very long self life and naturally do not contain any expiry date. As there are no chemical additives they are completely natural and hence have more shelf life.

Most of the cosmetic companies tend to mix chemicals with the make up so that they are quickly used and thrown away resulting in repeat buying. Apart from this they are also quite long lasting on the skin and have far more binding power on the skin than the common tac used in the cosmetics. So if you love make up go natural through mineral make up.

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