Military Boots: The latest in Womens Shoe Fashion

Of late, heavy military style leather boots have become a real fascination with women. And as for guys, they find the combination of feminine silhouettes with rugged and heavy military boots quite exciting and sexy. Check out the nearest footwear stores, and you’re sure to see some lovely military boots on display; ask the salesman and he’ll tell you these are the current favorites of many women.

While some of the women’s military boot, also known as combat boots, are quite the same as the ones you may have seen burly guys wearing in war movies, there are also the newer variants that have a slightly refined and chic touch to them.

The practical reasons

Apart from fashion reasons, military boots are getting popular amongst women for their functional and comfort reasons as well. Combat boots are meant to withstand bad weather and rough terrain, while keeping the feet safe and warm.

The basic laced design helps the boot to fit snugly to your feet, and the heavy rigged sole gives you a firm grip on the ground even if the ground is somewhat sludgy or slippery. And the ankle support present in the boots, will guard your ankles against sprains and slips. Most military boots are waterproof, so their maintenance is easy, and you don’t have to worry about them getting spoiled in wet weather.

Some good women’s military boot brands also offer boots with good ventilation, so if keeping your feet ventilated is your concern, you still have a choice.

Wearing your women’s military boots

Now we got to admit that military boots aren’t as versatile as some other women’s boots, so forget about wearing them with everything, especially skirts and dresses. Most women like to keep their military boots for adventurous vacations and bad weather. But frankly, you could use them for other casual affairs too.

For a warm winter look team your military shoes with tight jeans, a long length pullover and a stole around the neck. And for summer sports team with pajamas or shorts and tank tops. When you’re heading for you vacation in the wild, wear your military shoes with cargos or shorts, and tee-shirts or spaghettis, and you’ll ready to blend with the nature.

Sidharth Thakur