Middle Child Syndrome – Symptoms And Remedy

Middle Child Syndrome occurs more than often in families with three children. This has nothing to do with parenting as long as you show equal affection and give equal attention to all your three children.

But the chances of this syndrome is lower when you have your attention equally on all the three children. Otherwise, this is something that comes naturally. Middle children often feel left out or feel they don’t belong, what with the older sibling always taking the top position regarding everything and the youngest child naturally getting the most attention. This leads to the middle child feeling a sense of loneliness and a wanting to belong with everyone else.

This does not mean you have to give extra attention to the middle child to let them know that they are loved. This seems unnatural and forced. All you need to do is give the middle child the same attention that you give to the rest of your children.

The symptoms usually are lack of confidence or self esteem, not trying to be a part of the family, keeping themselves as aloof from the family as possible, lack of direction as to where their life is going or simply not fitting in. On the other hand, the child could also be trying their hardest to get your attention which you must remember not to ignore since this adds on to their suspicion of you not wanting them.

Try spending equal time with all your children and not just the older and the younger ones. Listen to their problems and be their friend. Try to identify their talents and encourage to harness them. All the suppressed anger and frustration sometimes spawns into sarcastic remarks and sometimes angry retorts. Don’t ignore this as a bad behavior or being uncouth. Talk this out with them as to what is worrying them.

Don’t compare your children with each other. Don’t dig out the faults of your middle child and tell them to be more like their other siblings. This will make them hate their siblings as well as you. All you need to do to fix this is to treat them equally as you would to your other children and things will fall in their place eventually.

Middle Child Syndrome