Microcurrent Facials – The New Non Surgical Facelift

With advancing age our skin loses its natural elasticity and begins to sag. There are several skin tightening procedures like Thermage and micro-dermabrasion to restore the skins youthful appearance.

However many of these procedures are extremely painful and costly. One of the latest skin toning treatments which many people are opting for is microcurrent facial.

A non invasive procedure, microcurrent facials sends minute electrical impulses, which helps to tighten the skin. Microcurrent facials are an extremely popular facial skin rejuvenation treatment which promotes collagen production and triggers cell reproduction by sending minute but powerful electrical signals into the facial muscles and tissues. Microcurrent facials are popularly known as non surgical face lifts.

The high frequency current impulses which are sent into the skin help to tighten the sagging skin around the neck, the chin and the jaw line. This anti ageing technique which has been around for decades but whose benefits have been re-discovered only recently helps to increase the production of scleroproteins.

Microcurrent facial fights a variety of signs of ageing including wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin. Microcurrent facials do not create any injury in the deep inner layers of the skin known as the dermis unlike other skin tightening treatments.

Today this innovative and non invasive facial rejuvenation treatment has gained much popularity. Microcurrent facial is performed under the supervision of a trained beauty technician who slides two cotton tipped probes over certain pressure points on the face and thereby enhances the blood circulation levels. Microcurrent facials helps to even out the skin tone and also helps to reverse the skin damages caused by the natural ageing and excessive sun exposure.

Microcurrent facial helps to boost tired facial skin and helps it to regain its youthful appearance. Microcurrent facials provide superior results in comparison to other skin treatments like botox and laser skin resurfacing.

Microcurrent facial has several benefits which includes but are not limited to a clearer complexion, tighter and toned skin, better facial sculpting leading to more defined facial contours, a healthy skin glow, reduction in the fine lines around the neck, tightening and lifting of the eyebrows. On an average a microcurrent facial treatment costs anywhere between 100 and 120 dollars.