Method of Applying Sunless Tan on the Skin

Tanning can be obtained just by lying in the sun. If it has to be sunless then you will have to do it with a sunless tanning lotion.

In this case, the application of the lotion can be tricky and you should know the right way to do it. These creams work by dyeing the skin with the same color as your skin will attain had it been tanned.

The first tip will be to decide what all body parts do you want tanned and how deep the skin tanning do you need? Before you start to tan yourself, take a long shower after exfoliating your skin. Ensure that your feet are shaven and your body does not have hair in the parts that you want to put the tan on.

Start with the legs. Wear gloves. Apply sunless tan on the calves. Use a little more than what you would use had you been using the regular lotion. Use a circular motion to rub the tan on the body part.

Try and avoid streaks. From the calves, move on to the feet and then the knee. Make sure that all the areas of the leg are covered. Then do it on the other leg. Then move up on the body.

It must be pointed out that most of the times, a deeply tanned chest and the region right above the breasts start to look old and wrinkly if the tanning lotion has not been applied evenly. This is one area that you need to be very careful with. It starts from the neck and goes down to the cleavage.

Tanning the face should be avoided at home because more often than not, one tends to leave the thin skin under the eyes for the protection of the eye and that leaves that spot fairer than the rest of the face. Seek the assistance of a professional if you wish to use it on the face and are not quite confident about it.

Blend the tan well when doing the neck and lastly go to the arms. Start from the shoulders and blend it and go down till you have covered your wrists. Do not apply directly on joints.