Mesotherapy For Cellulite Removal

mesotherapy-for-cellulite Mesotherapy is an inject-able method of treating skin problems by injecting medicines, vitamins, minerals and amino acids under the outer layer of the skin. This technique has been found to be particularly helpful in treating cellulite, facelifts, promoting hair growth and in rejuvenation facial skin.

Here we will talk, in particular, about using Mesotherapy to treat cellulite. As we just mentioned the procedure is fairly simple, and involves injecting specially formulated injections directly to the cellulite affected areas of the body.

How it works

Once the Mesotherapy injection is injected beneath your skin, it will help in removing cellulite, in firming up skin tissues and in speeding up weight loss to some extent. The chemicals in the injection begin working by blocking the internal signals, sent by the brain to the skin tissues of the affected area, which cause the skin tissues to accumulate fat.

Next, these injections help in stimulating the release of fat trapped within the skin tissues. And their third function is to help burn energy and improve blood circulation to the affected area. And so as the blood circulation increases and the fat begins to melt away, the connective tissues found in the skin start regaining their shape and strength which makes the skin firm on the outside.

What more is needed

To get better results from Mesotherapy, you will need to supplement this procedure with an improved lifestyle and an improved diet Get onto some fitness program and the results will become apparent much faster. And not just that, being on a fitness program will help avoid the cellulite problem from attacking you again.

Some concerns

There are a lot of health concerns surrounding Mesotherapy for cellulite reduction. For instance, in some patients inflammation and painful sores were observed after administration of these injections. Also mild swelling and rashes may appear, but most of these will disappear within a week or two. However, in certain rare cases the treatment may have to be stopped if the symptoms are overly excruciating.

And lastly, the major deterrent that keeps people from going in for cellulite removal through Mesotherapy is the big price tag attached to the treatment, which usually comes around to $4,000.00 for the complete treatment.

Sidharth Thakur