Mental Health

We have all grown conscious about our physical health and that’s one reason you can find gyms and alternative healing and treatment centers in almost every street.

It’s nice to see how families and individuals are making efforts to stay healthy with regular exercises and proper food, but sadly what still goes ignored is our mental health. Mental health and physical health are deeply linked and neither of them can bloom in the absence of the other.

A well toned body, a glow on the face and a brilliant spark in the eyes, are some of the characteristics that depict good physical health, and on the other hand a person’s happiness, cordial relationships, high self esteem and creative self-expression are what speak about good mental health.

When depression, anxiety and problems in relationships leave you gasping for breath, your life will turn miserable unless you follow some rescue plan. There are several ways in which you can work towards alleviating mental suffering, but for all these solutions a strong will is the underlying support. Sometimes your first effort may not work, but then you have to have a strong will so that you move on and find out other ways to improve your situation.

There are certain mental health problems which can be treated only with medication such as clinical depression and bipolar disorder. But for some other problems like traumatic memory and obsession, psychological therapies may be needed apart from the regular medication. It is advisable that you approach a good therapist and let him work out a solution for your mental problems. Spiritualism and alternative approaches like meditation and yoga can help you to untangle the dense webs of confusion.

Unless you have a clear-cut purpose in life, life is just too meaningless. And to keep up with the meaningful aspect of your life, regardless of setbacks, you need a lot of courage. Also, if you lack in courage you will find it difficult to plug in the holes in your life and sustain a healthy mental life.

To get a brilliant face you can always walk into a beauty parlor, and that requires only money, but to build a strong character and to build a strong and stable mind you can never step forward unless you have the courage. Courage is what can take you places and help you to overcome all risks and uncertainties in your life.

Sidharth Thakur