Men’s Fashion – Changing Trends


plussizefashionformen1 When it comes to fashion, there is only one rule that prevails and that is – “change is the only constant”. Come to think of it, that’s what fashion is all about, isn’t it? Trends and styles, fads and changes are what define the fashion industry.

After all, if everyone wore the same old boring clothes season after dull season, the burgeoning fashion industry would lose its very ‘raison de etre’ or reason for existence.

Gone are the days when women’s fashion ruled the roost. When it comes to fashion, there is no way that the man of today would be left behind his female counterparts. If the ladies can be well turned out and be fashionatas, even men can match with their natty dressing sense and the latest men’s fashion trends. It used to be said that the tie is the only piece of attire that lends color to a man’s wardrobe.

Men would not venture much beyond the blues and the blacks when it came to their suits and just let colorful ties do the talking. But the times they sure are a changing.

Nowadays men do not think twice before sporting pink and mauve shirts to that important office meeting. The concept of ‘Friday dressing’ is quite passé as there is no longer the concept of just one day for dressing up. It is quite the trend to abandon the dark blues and blacks of winter for light and even bright shades to reflect the cheeriness of the weather outside.

Bright T-shirts and designer jeans can make as much a fashion statement for men as it would for women. And men’s fashion is not limited only to formal or casual attire. From beach wear and underwear to accessories like goggles and belts, there is an exciting world of immense possibilities and scintillating permutations and combination to enthuse the most discerning male fashion enthusiast.

Indeed, fashion trends even encompass various styles and changing fads in hair styling and men’s toiletries as well as personal grooming products that have flooded the market and vie aggressively for men’s fashion dollar budgets.