Men Too Love Appreciation And Support

young_couple While most relationship articles talk about all the sweet nothings that the woman would like to hear, such as praise of their beauty or their behavior, there isn’t much information available on what do men like to hear from their women. If women love to be pampered with praises, there has to be something that men too love to hear.


Men have to under go a lot of stress at their work place, quite like women who work, and there are times and situations when they never get the appreciation, they deserve which leaves them frustrated. We all human beings love to hear good things about us and the work that we do, and in case your man isn’t getting enough appreciation at his workplace, you need to take the  initiative to cheer him up and boost his positively ego. In fact, men need more reassurance about their worthiness, then women, and they love to be told that they are good at what they’re doing.

Men love to fidget around with new ideas and new projects to make innovations or do something unique. And it’s not that they’ll succeed every time, there may be certain failures too. Now that’s where a woman needs to step in wisely and boost up his innovativeness without throwing tantrums about his failure or the wasted time or the wasted money. Your little words like what a great idea, you have a great brain, you are really an innovator, are things that can boost up his morale and give him that positive push.

Now what’s more important here is that while you push up his morale, avoid pointing out any mistakes and giving him direct ideas on improvisation, as the strong male ego cannot really swallow it easily, without taking offense.

The vanity chase

Living with your man, you are sure to know a little bit about the appreciable qualities that he has, so why not complement on them, once in a way, because men too have vanity issues. Maybe your man is good looking, or is well built, or is a fluent speaker, or is a good dresser, whatever it is you must always appreciate his positive qualities.

Unlike women, when a man is in the company of other men, he is least likely to receive any positive compliments about his qualities. So when you appreciate something about him, he feels his vanity thirst quenched, and that will push him come closer to you.

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Sidharth Thakur