Men Can Have Multiple Orgasms

sexdrive Many of us are still grounded to the misconceptions saying, men cannot experience multiple orgasms. Let us single out these common tips and look out for a remedy.

How Is It Possible?: It has been found that with a little practice, men can achieve multiple orgasms. Men often confuse an orgasm with ejaculation. Though these two happen simultaneously, an orgasm always precedes an ejaculation. But, there’s a way to hold back the ejaculation. All he needs to do is to; squeeze his pubococcygeus muscle or the PC muscle while the contractions begin during lovemaking. The PC muscle is the one which he contracts to hold the flow of urine. This also helps in better ejaculation!

Circumcision Doesn’t Affect Your Partner’s Sensitivity: A women wouldn’t be able to know if her partner is circumcised in darkness. SO, these are just myths. Circumcision doesn’t affect sex life.

Size Doesn’t Matter: About ninety-six percent of men have an average size of five to eight inches. But, does a women really looks into the size while lovemaking? All that matters is how your partner is in bed. And this has nothing to do with size. What makes a difference is the girth. You can ask your partner to go for ribbed condoms, this feels exotic!

Men Are Insatiable: If you have a partner who just can’t have enough, you are prone to think that he is insatiable. But, it is scientifically proven that men have a stronger sex drive then women. And with the introduction of drugs like Viagra, men are getting more staying power.

Men Aren’t Interested In Foreplay As Much As Women: Men usually are more focused and don’t want to waste time. They would rather reach for the genitals than a nudge here and there. Massage his perineum area vigorously. This gives men a rush of pleasure!

These were some common sex myths and the reality behind them. Always follow the universal rule; just do unto him what he does unto you!