Men Aren’t All About The Physical Thing

When it comes to the question “what do men look for in a woman?” the first candid answer that most ladies’ would give is a sexy figure in a skimpy dress. However, don’t go by that generalization, as apart from your sexy figure, men look for women with the right attitude, a high self-esteem and an overall balanced personality.


The way you dress up, maintain and carry yourself speaks volumes about what kind of person you are. A sexy figure clad in outrageous clothing might get you a one-night stand, but for a long term relationship our man loves a woman who is neat, well-kept and knows the rules of social protocol. A man loves to be in the company of a woman, who is esteemed by other people as one dignified lady, rather than a mere sex object.


Mountain ego, selfish, disgruntled, self conceited, arrogant and being spendthrift are a few of the big turnoffs for men. Men value a woman’s attitude more than what a women can think of, and use it as the basic guiding principle before they commit to a woman. And they read your attitude from the small gestures and words that you use in their presence, while on the outer front they may just pretend to ignore or not notice the irregularities in your behavior.

Self esteem

If you think men are more egoistic, let me correct you on that because in most cases what you may see as ego may be nothing more than high self-esteem. And since most men are particular about their own self-esteem, they love women who exhibit high self-esteem.

A weak and frail woman can never cause any excitement in a man’s heart, because men prefer women who can take on some responsibility and decision-making without bothering them for all the little things. Men really can’t stand women, who keep complaining all the time about everything and everyone around them, trying to portray that they are the most vulnerable of all creatures.

No nagging

We all love to enjoy our own space and independence, and if you constantly go on nagging your man about whatever he does and whatever you doesn’t do, then don’t expect him to stick around with you for a long time.

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Sidharth Thakur