Memories May Haunt You After A Break-Off

When your man walks off on you after a breakup, and from two you again become one, it is one of the most stressful times a woman can experience. For years, the two of you were together and planned your life in some interesting way, and then the sudden blow comes, and everything around you takes a horrid turn.

When the two of you were a couple, each of you was a great support for the other and you never needed support from outside. But now, the unfortunate break-up has just about left you both as each other’s rival.

The love and romance that lingered all around has perished into thin air. You enjoyed the closeness, and loved just about everything that your partnered did. You loved being around him and cuddling up with him in the bed, but now you’re left with nothing more than some haunted memories of the cherished relationship.

The memories, of good times you have had together and the lovely things you’ve done for each other, swirl around you; bringing tears back to your eyes and increasing your loneliness and agony. You will find it hard to accept that the two of you, who felt they were made for each other, are no more together.

The loneliness begins to grip as you can’t find anyone to share things with and discuss out whatever is there in your heart. The big shock has left your world almost upside down, and you are unable to cope up and realign your life back on track, because so much has changed around you.

The way the breakup took place, and the arguments you exchanged as well as the insults you had to take, continue to spring back into your mind with full-on intensity. And you feel even more hurt when you start dissecting the abusive arguments your partner may have used before he left.

It is one of the worst times in your life, and unless you get down to something that keeps you occupied, you’ll find it difficult to get rid off the breakup thoughts haunting you all the time. You need company and you need activities to keep you busy, and that’s what can help you to come out of the situation faster, than sitting and sulking all by yourself.

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Sidharth Thakur