Meet The Haircuts Best Suited For Each Type Of Face

Do you know hair is the business card of every woman? Hair is undoubtedly one of the things that stand out when talking about the physical characteristics of a person.In order to highlight the best traits in your personality hair cutting is the key.

So, before you go around putting the scissors or razor on your hair, find the models that work better and ensure more harmonious hair cut for your face. The hairdresser Bruno Di gives some tips on the most recommended cuts for every face shape.

Hair Cut For Oval Shape:

Do you have an oval face? Do you want to harmonize the face with cuts and hairstyles? Then note down that this kind of face has a tendency to on which any hair cut will easily suits. The important thing while taking a cut for oval face is to analyze the length of the neck.

If you have a long neck you can take a cut like Jennifer’s Aniston’s.Her hairstyles have long hair that easily hit at the cheekbones and chin.

The cut which is longer at back and shorter from the front works best for such faces. On the other hand, if you want a short haircut then you can take the haircut like the famous pop singer Rihanna in this haircut you can effort to go super short styles too.

Shoulder-length hair is great for showing off fabulous features. If you have an oval face you can get away with any type of short cut, from super short, to chin-length but if you’re not ready to take the plunge to go short, consider a shoulder-length style.

In case, you do not want a lengthy or short haircut then shoulder cut length also helps to showcase the fabulous features of your face.

Hair Cuts For Square or Round Face

Hair dresser Di Maglio says that Square or Round faces are quite similar with regard to cuts. For those who want short hair, avoid chanel base line and opt for a rounded and peaked. If you want longer, then always go for frayed cuts in gradient well marked on the sides and peaked.

“But the most fashionable for these kind of face shape is to have haircut which have average length that goes slightly below the shoulders,” says the expert. On such faces, straight bangs that cover the eyebrows are almost banned, since this type of cut shortens more and keeps the face square or round.

An expert state that such faces have two readings first is the Pyramid. In this case, you need to disguise the chin or jaw protruding. In square and round face hair cut can be a suitable medium peaked, at shoulder, shredded and reduced volume close to the shoulder and chin. Always get away from false and fuzzy side. If you choose to fringe it has to be full-bodied.

Heart Shape Face Haircut:

This is precisely the inverse of the pyramid. So the idea is to smooth the forehead. According to the expert, the best choice for those who have this format are the hair peaked, and with a long fringe of your choice.

In case you want short hair, avoid chanel, which further accentuates the length of the face. The ideal is a short cut on the face with layers ending on the chin.

Meeta Sharma