Meditate To Fight Stress

Stress can make your life awful, leaving you exhausted and devastated. And the extortion doesn’t end there; it can leave you with chronic lifelong ailments such as depression, hypertension and coronary problems, if not dealt with at an early stage. Mental stress triggers inflammatory chemical reactions inside the body, which can give birth to a number of health problems. So if you’re really concerned about your health then beating this silent killer called stress should be one of your top priorities. Often when one is confronted with stress, one tends to pick up unhealthy ways to beat down stress like alcohol and smoking, which do nothing but worsen the whole situation. So what do you do to combat stress?

Well that one activity is just enough to free your mind of all the worries and stress, and that’s something suggested by a lot many studies conducted in this field. Meditation helps in gaining more control over you mind and your thinking, thus you get less influenced by the stress triggers. Meditation which entails control over breathing as well helps the brain to stay calm and relaxed and to think more clearly. Most people shun away the though of meditating, because they believe that mediation needs a lot of time and is too demanding, however that inst true. Here are two simple meditation styles to help you get rid of stress.

Five minute meditation
This type of mediation is very easy to do, and even the busiest of people can easily accommodate this simple meditation technique into their every day routine because it takes just five minutes. Sit down in a comfortable position, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Take deep and steady breaths, and soon you won’t realize of what all is going on around you. Your mind needs to be completely focused on the breathing. Well, meditation can be as simple as that. Once you’re able to do it well, you can increase the time from five minutes to ten or fifteen minutes.

Meditation with recitation
Again, sit or lie down in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Practice rhythmic breathing for a minute and then begin repeating some thing like “I am free of stress and worries”, in your mind. You can have any message that appeals to you. Having done it for two minutes change your sentence to “we are all free of stress and worries”, for the next two minutes. And for the last one or two minutes just say nothing and keep your focus in the breath. This style of mediation helps in feeding our brains with positive thoughts, and the best part is that it doesn’t need too much of time.

Sidharth Thakur