Mayonnaise Hair Treatment For Soft and Shiny Hairs

Mayonnaise Hair Treatment

Mayonnaise Hair Treatment Dryness is one of most common problems associated with hairs. Dryness damages hairs severely and make them brittle. There are many reasons due to which hairs and scalp become dry. For example, environment factors like sunrays and dry wind makes hair dry and damaged.

Extensive use of styling products like sprays and gels also damages hairs and make them brittle. It is to be noted that many hair styling products contain alcohol, which makes hair dry and damages hair follicles. People buy costly shampoos and conditioners for dealing with dryness of hairs and for making their hairs strong and beautiful. These products have been found effective in removing dryness.

But their extensive use has some side effects, as they contain certain harsh chemicals. Long term use of these products may lead to thinning of hairs also. In some cases, these products may even aggravate the condition. On the other hand, natural or home made treatments do not have side effects and are cost effective too. There are many types of natural hair treatments that can be used for removing dryness.

Mayonnaise application is one such treatment. Even some cosmetic companies have launched mayonnaise products that promise to make hairs soft and manageable without any side effects. Mayonnaise is a natural moisturizing agent that helps in making hairs soft and manageable. Mayonnaise has excellent conditioning properties and its regular use does not affect the hairs adversely in any manner.

When mayonnaise is applied to hairs, it forms a protective covering on the damaged cuticles. It also repairs hair cuticle so as to make it strong and healthy. Mayonnaise is also effective in dealing with problem of split ends. People who have frizzy hairs are often advised to use mayonnaise for conditioning hairs. Another benefit of mayonnaise application is that it helps in checking and treating head lice. Unlike head lice shampoos available in market, which contain insecticides, mayonnaise smothers head lice without affecting the hairs or scalp. Rather, it makes them healthy.

How to Make and Apply Deep Conditioning Treatment

Though commercial mayonnaise is easily available in market, homemade mayonnaise can be prepared easily. It is considered as more useful, as it is devoid of harmful chemicals. For making deep conditioning treatment, a person requires one cup of mayonnaise, half cup of olive oil and three egg yolks. It is better if mayonnaise is kept at room temperature for some time before using. Egg yolk is considered as very good for hairs, as it is rich in protein.

Homemade Hair Treatment

This protein fills in gaps that are normally found in damaged hair shaft. As a result, hairs appear fuller. Some people may not like the smell of mayonnaise mixture, as it contains egg. For dealing with this, rosemary or lavender essential oil may be added to the mixture. In a bowl, all these ingredients are poured and blended. If temperature of mayonnaise is lower than room temperature, mixture should be allowed to warm up naturally. If a person is short of time, this mixture may be heated in a microwave for 15 seconds.

Once mixture becomes warm, it is applied thoroughly on the hairs and scalp. Increased volumes of this mixture should be applied at the hair tip for preventing and treating split ends. For even distribution of mixture, a gentle massage should be given with fingers. Hairs can be combed with wide-tooth comb also. After application is over, hairs are covered first with a plastic shower cap and then with a hot towel. After 15 to 20 minutes, hairs are rinsed well with water for removing the mixture.

Rinsing of hairs treated with mayonnaise should be done very carefully. Hairs must be rinsed with tepid water first for removing the mixture. This is because warm water helps in better penetration of oils and fats. After mixture has been removed completely from hairs, as a last rinse, hairs should be washed with cold water. This helps in blocking all the moisture inside the hair follicles. Cold water application also makes hair shinier.

If hairs are long, quantities of ingredients should be increased accordingly. If any mixture has left, it can be discarded or is applied as a face mask. This mixture is effective for treating dry knees and elbow also. Left over mixture should not be saved in a container in a refrigerator for reapplication, as it looses its effectiveness over a period of time. After rinsing hairs with water, shampoo must not be used. Otherwise, hairs can become dry again.

For ensuring that entire mixture has been removed from hairs, these should be rinsed six to seven times. It is better if mayonnaise treatment is applied on a day when a person is not moving out. Hairs treated with mayonnaise should be shampooed two to three days after application so that oil left on hairs can condition them perfectly.

If commercial mayonnaise is to be applied to hairs, one-fourth cup of same should be massaged gently into hairs and scalp. It also helps in conditioning the hairs. Results obtained may not be same as are obtained by applying homemade mayonnaise mixture and depends upon the ingredients used for making it. Many hair experts believe that commercial mayonnaise should be avoided, as it may contain harmful chemicals that cause skin irritation.

For example, cetrimonium bromide, benzalkonium chloride and quaternium 18 are the chemical compounds that are commonly used in preparation of commercial mayonnaise. Moreover, commercial mayonnaise is also costlier than homemade mixture. Before applying mayonnaise treatment to hairs, it must be ensured that skin is not allergic to ingredients of mayonnaise or mixture. In case, a person is allergic to ingredients contained in mayonnaise, he can use mixture of jojoba and lavender essential oils.

Apart from homemade mayonnaise mixture and commercial mayonnaise, cosmetic products made from mayonnaise can also be applied for removing dryness. For example, Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise is one of them. This product has been formulated for restoring the health of dry and damaged hairs. It also treats split ends and makes hairs fuller and shiny. This product also contains olive oil and egg protein and thus, is as good as a homemade mixture. For enhancing the strength and shine of hairs, it has been fortified with organic amino acids and essential oils.