Maxi Dress Makes It Big On The Ramps

Floral and colorful, full length maxi dresses have sputtered the ramps all through 2008, and now when we look forward to spring/summer 2009, the maxi dress still stays around as the favorite look of the coming season.

Till a few seasons back, the maxi dress was a humble summer dress which rarely ever appeared on the runways. But now you’ve got them in a wide range of floral, abstract and color-block prints, to play up the feminine and flirty side of you. Surely, fashion history hasn’t witnessed a better time to grab a few maxi dresses.

Decking up the looks

Maxi dress is a great piece of clothing, which can easily cover up most of your body structure imbalances. So whether your big butt is your problem or it is your stocky legs, maxi dress is a great remedy to hide away most structural glitches. However, you still need to play a little safe when trying to create the perfect look, wearing this favorite dress of the season.

The right slimming cut is the first prerequisite for your maxi dress to sit well on you, and beyond that it is just about pairing it up with the right shoes and the right accessories, to complement the look. The choice of shoes and accessories is very important, because one small mistake here can ruin the entire look.  Flats in a trendy style, stocky high heels and wedges are the three types of shoes that you should be looking for to complement your maxi dress.

You can also use cover-ups to make a bolder fashion statement with maxi dresses, like you could deck it up either with the waist length cardigan or a medium length jacket that hugs your body closely, to refine the curves which tend to get lost in the full length skirt.

The coming season

While most fashion critics were overly skeptical about the maxi dresses being able to live the whole season, the maxi dresses made its stronghold in the fashion world and reigned well all through the last spring and summer, and interestingly it still stays in the limelight for the next spring and summer collection.

Sidharth Thakur