Match Your Jewelry With Your Outfit

Every piece of jewelry has its own well defined appeal and you can not expect it to go with all your dresses. You need to be particular about which piece of jewelry will look good with which outfit, and only then can you expect the magic of wearing jewelry to work.

By and large, the shape and style of your jewelry should depend on the neckline of your dress. Say if your neckline is deep and wide as is choose the case with wedding gowns then the sweetheart type of jewelry will look appealing, when the neckline is a little close to your neck you need something like a choker, and if you’re wearing something like turtlenecks and then you need long length chains or pearl strings.

It’s always desirable to match your jewelry with your dress, but you surely can’t wear a dress to the store when you’re looking for jewelry to match with it, nevertheless you can always carry it with you. Now if your dress is somewhat ornate, with heavy embroidery or bead work then look for jewelry without stones in plain metals like silver, gold and platinum so that the overall effect looks well balanced. And on the other hand when your dress is simple, pick up a little bit of fancier or heavier jewelry with intricate design or one that is studded with stones.

The kind of jewelry that you can never go wrong with is pearls jewelry, and adorably it isn’t all too expensive when you compare that with some of the expensive stones and metals. Pearl jewelry can be easily matched with formal as well as casual outfits and can be used almost for any occasion, so you can wear them for your board meetings, for Sunday lunches, for evening parties or for your regular shopping trips to the market. There is a diverse range of pearls in terms of color, shape and quality making it easier for you to team it up with any of your dresses and at the same time it can fit into any budget.

The biggest dilemma that women face when wearing jewelry is how much jewelry they should wear. If you want to avoid displaying a bad taste, limit the number of jewelry you wear at a given time. You can’t have rings on all your fingers, let there be no more than three rings in total. If you’re wearing some stylish or heavy ear rings, then you can always avoid the necklace. Just follow one rule that your jewelry should not overshadow your dress and your beauty; instead use jewelry to enhance your beauty and your style statement.

Sidharth Thakur