Masturbation is No Sin

Masturbation has had a bad reputation, because there are deep rooted although illogical notions surrounding masturbation. Somewhere its religion, somewhere its society and somewhere its cheap sex literature – that has made masturbation to be seen as a spiteful act. However still, more than eighty percent men and about sixty percent women enjoy masturbation. Ask these people and they will tell you how wonderful masturbation feels.

Women, in particular, are overly shy of masturbating and the few who do masturbate feel guilty for doing it. Wake up woman – there is no evident reason for this guilt, masturbation is normal, it not a sin and it doesn’t cause any damage. If facts were to be put together, indulging in masturbation is simply superb. I’ll tell you four good reasons why you ought to be masturbating.

1.    It’s easy and quick, and you can get the pleasure whenever you want.
2.    You don’t have to rely on a man to gratify you sexually.
3.    You get to understand your sexual triggers, which will help you to make better love with your partner.
4.    It the safest way to learn and discover your sexuality.

Just forget all the dumb stuff you’ve heard about masturbation and reach out to touch and pleasure yourself. Use masturbation to discover your body and its sensuous points and to get friendlier with your genitals and your orgasms. Women, who find it difficult to get orgasm with their partner, can use masturbation to reach an orgasm than letting their sexual desire float some where in the mid.

Married women or women in relationships should also consider masturbation to pleasure them, especially when their men are gone for days. Masturbation is certainly better than straying around and risking your health and your relationship.

And as for the single women, masturbation again makes more sense than rushing into some obnoxious relationship, just because you’re getting desperate for some sexual pleasure. So, go on get that vibrator and pleasure yourself, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Walk over to a sex toy shop, they have a wide range of exotic sex toys, and you’re sure to find one that will help you to overcome that mental block about masturbation.