Manly Wrists, Sexy Watches

watch Try to recollect the suave, charming, sexy image of any secret agent of Hollywood and inevitably the image of the man with his equally stylish watch will come to your mind.

Actually time has changed and though men now days depend more on other chunky wrist gears available in the market, but none can rival the flawless style quotient that an Omega or a Rolex can provide.

A Watch For Every Mood:

However Rolex and Omega are not the end of the world. Actually your watch will be defined by your style statement and obviously vice versa. They may be sporty which will suit you perfectly if you are that athletic kind of person, they may be gold plated or steel plated and perfectly suit the CEOs and the MDs. There are numerous styles available in the market. Check them out for yourself.

Quartz and Atomic Watch:

Quartz watch is the most popular technique in the market. They use electric current and a small crystal to keep the time. They may be utility watches or fashionable watches. Quartz Rolex or Omega are basically fashion accessories and more than their utility they are preferred for they symbolize status, achievement and  ooze confidence and success.

Starting from 5000 dollars they are the ultimate accessories a successful man must possess. Apart from this there are also many utility watches that are available in the market which are quite elegant. Take for example the atomic watch which synchronises with the official time automatically.

There are also watches by Zeiss, Tissot and Tag Heuer that can tell you the altitude, temperature, direction at the touch of a simple button.


It is everybody’s dream to buy something elegant and unusual but while going for the expensive luxury watches keep in mind that their maintenance will also be very costly. If you are still hell bent on it why not go for the replicas.

They are available at 1/10 of the price of the original or even less and with a little bit of acting on your part they can become great conversation starters.