Manage Your Oily Skin

We all know that the normal skin is the best, but what if you have oily skin. You also love to look beautiful so take care of your skin and look extraordinary. Oily skin is caused due to extra production of Sebum in your body by the Sebaceous Glands.

The oily skin attracts dust and germs, which clog the pores. This causes lot of skin problems like Acne, white heads, black heads and pimples. The secretion is more during hormonal changes which is at its peak at teen age, during pregnancy and at the time of menopause.

The skin becomes dull. It is also caused due to your eating habits, which means eating more of fried food and more sweet products such as chocolates and soft drinks. One should do regular and proper cleansing of the face. It will clean the clogged pores, which means less skin problems.

First of all, people must change their eating habits and avoid the things which cause problems. Secondly, they should take proper care by taking natural treatments. Some of the home remedies can do wonders. Juice of Lime, Lemon and Cucumber is very good for oily skin.

One should apply this on the skin and let it dry for 15 minutes and then wash with lukewarm water.  It cleans the blocked pores. Masks made up of clay with water or honey also give good results. Fruit masks like Banana, Papaya etc are really beneficial for the oily skin. Apply sandal powder mixed with clay and rosewater. It also cleans the skin and makes it glow for longer duration.

Thirdly, one should keep the skin properly moisturized. Hydration is very important for skin, but do not apply it in excess. Increase intake of vitamins in your diet. Vitamin B2 is necessary for your skin.

Drink lot of water. This is good toner for your skin. Basically, it is good for all skin types. Use of creams, astringents and lotion made for oily skin is also advisable. These also show improvement in the looks. Overall, one should take thorough care of oneself by taking all the above mentioned steps and the changes would be there for all to see.