Manage your curly locks.

When the curly unmanageable growth on your head seems to be driving you berserk, with straightening and blow drying being completely ineffective to tame the wild frizzy mess, it’s time to get yourself a bit updated on care for curly hair. Before we go on and tell you how to manage your curly hair, you would certainly feel pepped up to know that curly ringlets are back in fashion. So that’s one reason you need to put a full stop on your frustrating trials to straighten your hair.

To begin taming your wild curls get into the shower and shampoo and condition your hair, and this must be done at least thrice a week. If you don’t wish to use shampoo too often then apply some conditioners and rinse off. Only mild shampoos should be found in your bathroom cabinet, because harsh shampoos will make your hair dry and messier.

Curly locks are the driest and the most brittle of all hair types, which makes the use of conditioner a must. The hair ends are the driest and so you need to ensure ample conditioner application on these ends. If you’re not keen for a conditioner, you can pick up either a leave-in conditioner or a moisturizing lotion. Keeping your curly hair hydrated will make them more manageable and keep the frizzes at bay. Even a few drops of oil can work well to keep your hair in control.

To control your curly mane, you will need to spend a little more on hair styling products, oils, moisturizers and conditioners. And since you’re using too many products on your hair, cosmetic buildup is sure to take place which can be cleared off using baking soda mixed with your shampoo.

Applying steam can also make your hair somewhat smooth and silky. To style up your hair, leave aside the brush and make use of a wide toothed comb. Combing should be done only on damp hair and not on wet hair. Blow dry using the diffuser attachment to avoid tangled hair, and don’t use the hair dryer for a longer time since it can over-dry your hair worsening the situation.

The best way to style up your curly hair is to apply some leave-in conditioner or moisturizer to your damp hair and produce curls either by scrunching them or by twisting them around your fingers. And when your curls begin to get messy; your fingers are the best tool to handle them.

Sidharth Thakur