Making Favorable Impressions

favorable-impressions As personality conscious as we have become today, it’s important to know and understand how you can create a favorable impression of yourself, on others around you. Here are three main areas where you can make changes to turn yourself into a real impressive personality.

Your Outer looks and your Confidence

While details about the type of clothing that you wear and the choices that you make in terms of your wardrobe are important to make a good first impression, the inner attitude and confidence are the other things that matter when you want to make a solid impression.

Most people judge you by your dress up and your confidence level. You can use clothing in different styles to create a natural, a trendy, sexy, classic or a dramatic personality. While it is easier to work on your exteriors to create the kind of persona that you wish to, you also need to work on your attitude and your confidence level to complete the package.

The way you talk

We all know that deep throated voices are always dominating and attention grabbing. But in case you don’t have that kind of voice, then you need to be extra particular on the other aspects of your voice such as the talking pace, the pitch, the volume and the tonal quality.

Apart from these your accent and your choice of words also needs to be perfected, if you want the other people to listen to you attentively, and give respect to your words. Learn about the basic rules of communication and manners, such as not to use sophisticated words, avoid using too many adjectives and how to greet and thank people.

Your body movements

The way you move your eyes, the way you smile and the way you walk around, all such body movements should exude confidence and sophistication. There is no rush, so calm down before you even shake hands with somebody or else the handshake may be quite jerky.

Don’t let your limbs or your head swing around loosely or in some clumsy style. Your moments and gestures need to be crisp and relaxed. When people are talking to you must look at them rather than looking at other things happening around you.

Here I have just touched upon each of these essential qualities, and if you’re seriously keen on improving your overall personality, then you need to get hold of more information on these subjects.

Sidharth Thakur