Making A Trendy Statement With Hair Color

Using hair color is no more confined to covering gray, so go ahead and make use of hair color to created a dramatic effect and change your looks to that of fashion diva.

Hair color is a real fun option for the fashion savvy, and you can use it to your advantage to create a different appeal for a different season, a different occasion or maybe even a different boyfriend.

For those with sensitive skin or those who love to avoid chemicals, henna based natural hair color offer a great way to enjoy some spectacular hair color. The newer versions of henna come in different shades and are completely free of ammonia and other harsh chemicals, in fact they have a somewhat conditioning effect on your hair and scalp.

Let the choice of the hair color shade be in accordance with your attitude and overall personality. If you feel your natural hair color or the emerging grays are making your looks a little drab, pick up shades on the blond line. For warmer skin tones, which have undertones of red or yellow, you need to try some shade of golden brown, but when your skin tone is a little bit more toward the red then think of ruddy hair color shades. And for those who have a bluish skin, ash gray or silver gray hair color shades can help put up a good show.

Go on and experiment with different shades until you have found the one that’s most suitable for you. But when you want to try a hair color shade and are not willing to risk trying it on, you can use the option of temporary hair color which can easily be washed out in a few shampoo sessions.

And if you have already put on a hair color which you feel isn’t suiting you too well; use some funky highlights to rectify your looks. You can even try the hair color spray cans which are normally available for streaking and  highlighting, and the best part is that they can be removed with a single wash, so there is no fear experimenting.

Sidharth Thakur