Making A Sound Impression On Your First Date

speed-dating Whether it’s something to do with one’s personal life or with one’s professional life, the age old rule that ‘first impression always counts’ stands true in almost every situation. Whenever you meet someone for the very first time, they form a certain impression about you.

There’s lots that goes into creating the right first impression, such as your clothing, your personal grooming, your etiquettes and manners, your body movements and your communication and conversation. The first impression becomes even more important when you going out on a date with somebody for the first time, and here’s how you can create the right impression on your first date.

Within the very first fifteen minutes, the guy taking you out on a date will form an impression about you based on your looks, your clothing, your body movements and your face expressions. Now while, you may not be as well endowed in terms of beauty, as are most Hollywood Queens, there are other areas on which you need to concentrate to push up your appeal. You must work on your dress up and your body language.

Learn to walk, sit and stand in a style that conveys elegance, sophistication and confidence. At the same time as you need to perfect your body language and your talking style, be a little careful that the whole thing doesn’t look too artificial. Whatever changes you make, let them be subtle.

The next most important thing to work on is your communication and conversation. It’s always good to break the ice with some words of appreciation about your date, but whatever you say, be sure that it’s a genuine complement and you are not lying. You can complement him on anything, be it his looks, his dress up, his style, his voice or just about anything about him.

Complementing somebody is a nice way to break the ice and spread a smile on anybody’s face. With that little bit done, take the back seat for a while and let your date talk about things. And when he is talking, listen closely to whatever he’s talking and keep responding in-between the conversation to let him know that you are listening to him intently. All through, maintain an eye to eye contact and let your smile say that you are enjoying the day.

And lastly, let your conversation be around something that is of mutual interest, rather than something that is controversial or about other people.

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Sidharth Thakur