Makeup Tips To Deal With Humidity And Heat

makeup Warmer weather can create havoc on your makeup. So, to beat the heat and look your best, you need to keep these tips in mind:

Body spray and proper sun protection

To prevent your lips from getting burned, you can use chilled lip balms. You may even use chap sticks, lip balm and lip-gloss with SPF to keep the harmful effects of sunrays at bay. Chilled body sprays may also act as a super-uplifting agent during the hot weather. You may go for some special body lotions and facial that has sunscreen and beauty elements to make your skin soft skin and greaseless.

Protect your face and makeup

On a warm day, never keep your makeup locked inside your purse or vehicle. Otherwise, it will melt and create a mess. While swimming or going for some exhaustive physical workouts, it is better to wear waterproof or sweat proof makeup. This will help you to look attractive even when you are leading an active life.

During the hot summer months, you can opt for pressed powder instead of cakey liquid foundation as the former will leave your skin feeling fresh, soft and clean. You may even dust some powder on your foundation to avoid running of the makeup, smearing and smudging.
Controlling your hair

Apply ice cubes to your hair to stay away from the frizzes. You may even braid your wet hair tightly for an innovative look. If you fancy wearing your hair straight, apply a little anti-frizz gel or spray gel. If everything else fails, wear your hair in a ponytail.

Try to avoid using excessive chemical treatments and blow dryer. Make use of specially formulated hair care products and shampoos that offer relief from exposure to chlorinated water and the sun.

So, keep these tips in mind and stay beautiful even in scorching summer.

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