Makeup Tips For Mature Skin

Makeup Tips For Mature Skin Although it is many people’s wish to remain young throughout their lives, the aging factor does come on some time in our lives. We can attempt to slow down aging with some conceals of makeup but these may not be effective if not done properly.

With regards to cosmetic assistance, consider the following tips to enhance your skin no matter what age you may be at.

Get Rid Of Lip Liner Pencil

A lip liner pencil can be harsh on your skin. Try the stiff-bristled brush lip liner to get your lipstick to stay as well as prevent possible bleeding or spreading of lip color about your lips.

Just Once

To avoid looking thick on your face, apply only once the loose translucent and good quality powder using a quality powder brush. Apply the powder when you are planning to go out and do not reapply throughout the day. Too much face powder may accentuate your wrinkles or fine lines. Hence, a sparse powdering is preferred.

Light Color Highlighters

As we age, it is better to choose lighter colored powder to your skin tone so that the shadows are not emphasized which are caused by jowls. These can be made less noticeable to avoid a saggy neck appearance by using a darker colored powder around the surrounding skin on your chin’s underside. That will give a shadow illusion making it less prominent.

Frosted Eye Shadow

Many may advise you to avoid eye shadows that are frosted when you are more than 30 years old. But when frosted eye shadow is applied properly, you can actually look younger. Just do not color your whole eyelid with one color.


Sagging is common for aging skin, which gets drier. There will also be freckles, age spots and lines on your face. To hide them, you would try to apply a foundation which is very heavy. But then, matte foundations only emphasize wrinkles and dryness.

For mature skin you should use concealer, foundation which is light-reflecting and oil free loose powder. Apply concealer on problem spots, hyper pigmentation, redness, dark circles and sun damaged areas.

Use a light foundation with a sponge to blend it with hair and jaw lines. Light reflectors can add sheen and soften the lines. If you have dry skin, use a moisturizing foundation. Avoid matte makeup, heavy makeup and dark unflattering colors.


Makeup For Mature Skin

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Eyes are called window of the soul and they are focal points in our faces. If eyes sag, they develop lines or dark circles. Hence, use a lighter shade underneath the eyes to brighten them up such as white, pale pink, cream or sand color. Apply a neutral matte shadow on the whole eyelid area.

You can also apply deep shadow in the eye crease using a crease brush, which will give intensity and depth to your eyes. Instead of eyeliner pencils, use cream or gel liner. They will last for the entire day without smudging and give you a natural look. For thin lines, use eyeliner flat brush.

Complete the exercise with black or brown mascara, matching your hair color. For top lashes alone, apply two coats and clean with cotton swab, dipped in a solution of makeup remover.

Don’t overdo eye shadow. It will give you an older look. Don’t use glittering eye shadows; it can clog into the fine lines. Don’t use heavy eyeliners, which will make your eyes look tired and droopy.


You can experiment with lip colors and change your looks, but then you have to keep in mind to apply lipstick with a proper lip brush which will fight feathering or bleeding of color. Before you apply lip color, use a primer which will hold the lipstick. Opt for formulas which will hydrate lips, so that they do not dry.

To give your lip an extra fullness, dab a bit of gloss in the centre of the bottom lip. Avoid harsh pencils which can bring lines and seep its way to wrinkles near the mouth. Also avoid darker matte lipsticks.

Other Tips and Considerations

Once you reach the thirties, you should pay more attention on your skin’s condition. One of the best ways to ensure healthy skin is to drink lots of water. Water keeps you skin moist and supple; hence, your skin will look and feel younger. The eyes areas are the first to display aging signs. Dark circles start to form with puffy eyes appearing, especially when there is a lack of sleep or rest.

This area is most fragile with its thinness. Consider some eye cream application. The sun is another dangerous skin foe; hence, avoid too much direct contact with the sun as much as possible. But if you love being in the outdoors anytime of the day, put on some sunblock containing a high SPF factor to protect your skin from the sun’s radiation.

A sunscreen lotion with moisturizer is better as it keeps your skin moist. Putting on large sunglasses is not only trendy but helpful in protecting your eyes and the area beneath. Wide-brimmed stylish hats will attract good attention while they function to protect your face with a covering. An alternative is an umbrella.

Forty and Beyond

At the forties, you should be checking out fine lines, wrinkles, deepened jowl lines or crow’s feet. If they are obvious, then re-evaluate your current makeup; you might need to change them to suit your skin condition which has changed with your age.

Your skin now becomes drier and droopy due to the lack of collagen. Apply night creams or serums to firm it up and keep looking great while you age. Adopt a healthy and balanced diet with regular exercising. Laugh more and relax as much as you can to avoid stress if you want to maintain your youthful appearance longer.

There are many types of makeup that will fit your skin condition as it changes over time. Choose wisely to get the most appropriate one for your skin as you keep alert to the changes it experience. You may not be able to stop the aging process but you can do a lot to slow it down.

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